John and Nikki drove in her Lexus to the King of Prussia Mall. It's one of the biggest malls in the United States.

Singles Out by Candice played loudly as they approached the mall.

Nikki smiled, "I'm so excited to shop baby!"

John turned to her, "I thought you said you had a meeting here?"

"Yes baby, I have a meeting with a new CLUTCH!!"

John shook his head in disappointment.  He pulled into the parking lot. She turned the volume up and sung obnoxiously. 

"Well, I'm meeting my brother here for lunch. I put a limit on this card, so don't be going all crazy."

"You want your girl to be cute, right?"

"Yes, but a budget."

"I'm allergic to that word." She laughed out loud. She got out and ran over to the driver side. "Love ya babe and thank you!" She said as she took his credit card. He drove off and headed to the restaurant. 

He parked his car and her car phone rang.

John responded,  "hello?"

Carol replied, "hey favorite son."

"Ha! I'm going to tell Steve on you." John referring to his older brother being her favorite son.

"I will deny it." They both laughed.

"What's going on, mom?"

"How are things with my favorite couple?"

"Ugh, she is spending more money that I don't have. She is shopping now."

"Well, you guys are a power couple and need to dress like it."

"A power couple... yeah okay."

"Why, you say that?"

"Cause she gets on my damn nerves. But its whatever."

John ignored what his mom was saying as he looked up. Dan and Eve walked up to the restaurant.  They looked in love and he missed the feeling. He watched them kiss and couldn't remember the last time he kissed Nikki like that. He turned off the car ignition.

John snapped back in the conversation,  "mom, I gotta go. Let's talk later."

He watched Eve get in the car and drive off. He walked over to his brother.

The End

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