What I LikeMature

Nikki ran into his bedroom and jumped on his bed.

"You're in the Philadelphia Inquirier, news paper! We look great!"

John sat up, "we do look good." He grabbed the article and started to read it.

She turned off his music and turned to her, "baby, turn that back on."

"Why do you listen to that ghetto music?"

"It's not ghetto. And it's what I like."

"Eh, it doesn't make sense."

He grabbed her around her waist,  "you have to listen to the lyrics, it does make sense."

She giggled, "whatever you say. Well baby, I am off to a meeting. Are you coming with?"

"Yeah, just give me a second."

She walked into the living room and he turned on this music, August Alsina played. He muted his television.  A commercial for Starbucks promoting Mini Frappucinos played. He smiled, "Denise."

He grabbed his phone and called his brother Dan.

"Hello?" Dan said.

"Hey Dan. It's John."

"Yo brother! It's been too long! How are you?"

"I've been good. I miss you, bro."

"I miss you too, Dan. We have to meet up for lunch, or something."

"We definitely do."


"You okay?"

"I'll tell you when I see you."

"Okay John. Where and when."

"Today at 1?"

"I'm excited to see you."

John walked into his living room, Lil Mo and TC I am love was playing. Nikki spun.

"You like my outfit? Baby, all I need is a gold clutch to match this outfit."

"Another clutch? I'm about to make you get a job. You sucking me dry."

"Big daddy, you can afford me, right? I'll suck you dry, if you want me too."

John turned with disappointment,  "Nikki, chill with all these materialistic stuff."

Nikki turned, "well I want it, so you are supposed to supply it for me."

She grabbed her purse, and finished, "this is what I like, like you like that black music. Before you get all mad, let's just go. Cause I don't feel like arguing with you."

The End

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