Denise walked down the hallway, down the stairs and exited the premises.

She got into her car and turned on her ipod: Jojo All I want is everything played. 

She opened her trunk and grabbed a box of John's belonging and put it by his mailbox. She looked up and saw him watching her. 

She wiped tears from her eyes and confidently got into her car. She turned up the volume and drove off.

She rolled down the windows and the cold breeze caressed her hair. She cried her hardest.  She was trying to let it all go.

She closed the chapter to her JD stories.


John watched her put his belongs by his mailbox. He walked over to the living room and picked up his bible.

"Lord, I feel stupid. Did I just mess up?!"

He couldn't control his emotions.  He started to cry. He opened his windows and poured another glass of water. His phone rang again.  It was Nikki. He ignored it again. He walked into his bedroom and took a nap to take his mind off things. He closed the chapter to JD stories.


Author's Note:

John and Denise ended their relationship and started separate lives.

John started publicly dating Nikki and added a new floor to his gym. They became a power couple.

Eve and Dan have remained team Denise and rarely speak to John. They moved to  the suburbs of Philadelphia. 

John opened another gym in a surburb surrounding Philly.

Denise transfer from her store in Center City to a surrounding store. She is preparing to be promoted to a District Manager. She is dating.

The next chapter starts about four months later in April.

The End

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