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They sat in silence for a few moments.  She looked down, as John was trying to gauge where her emotions lay.

She raised her head, "honestly,  do you not like me?"

John rubbed his head,  "that's not it. I don't know what is going on between us. I want to try something new."

She stared into his soul, "tell me."

John took another sip, "I love you but when I mentioned marriage to you and had time to process it. I couldn't ask you. I can't marry you."

He stood up and finished,  "I love spending time with you and being with you. The moments we share and laughter. I love kissing you but it does bother me that my family doesn't like you."

She wiped her hair from her face and sipped.

John sat in front of her, "please don't be mad at me."

Denise grabbed his hand, "I love you and will always love you. Do what you have to do."

John looked confused, "you're not angry? Why?!"

Denise smiled, "I am more hurt than angry. I have dedicated my life to you, for you not to give me the chance to prove to you why I deserved to be your wife. I knew this was coming. I just did not think you would 'lie' to me to protect me. Hearing Cameron talk about having sex with you prepared me. The way you feel about Nikholas, now completely makes sense. "

He turned to her, "I hurt you... Cameron was an accident.  Nikki was an accident. "

She finished, " John, I get it. It's apart of life. People fall out of love. And our time is over. I just thought I meant more to you for it to end this way."

Tears slowly dropped from her face. 

He caressed her face as his eyes started to water, "please don't cry."

"I hope you find what you are looking for and I hope she is better than me. You deserve an amazing woman that will fulfill your needs and match the amazing personality that you are."

"Denise, I never wanted to leave you. Please believe me."

"You left me four months ago. Your words have finally caught up with your actions."

He stuttered, "I just needed space. I'm so overwhelmed. I need to focus on one thing at a time."

"It's okay."

"Please forgive me."

She stood up and walked over to him. She passionately kissed him on his lips.

"Goodbye John."

He started to cry as he held on to her hand. She grabbed her pewter clutch and started walking towards the door.

"Don't leave me." John said.

"Let go of me, and live your life. Trust me, this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do."

He let go of her hand as she opened the front door.

The sunlight reflected of his blue eyes and her green eyes. 

"Denise, I need to be a better man for you. That is what you deserve."

"Having you was my dream come true."

"I will always love you."

"I will always love you too. But there is a woman out there that better suits your needs. I wish you all the blessings."

John kissed her again. 

She muttered, "I won't acknowledge you anymore, because this is goodbye."

She gracefully walked down the hallway.

The End

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