Emerald RushMature

He opened the door to match eyes with her.

She was caught off guard, as her hand was positioned to knock on his door. The sunlight from his living room windowed poured out into the hallway. Her eyes shined with  graphite green and dress radianted a raspberry red. He looked down at her almond shaped eyes. The soft voice of Tiffany Evans singing, I found you played in the background. 

The delicate moment was shared with anxiety,  nervousness, fear and beauty.

"Denise?" John whispered.

She coughed into her arm, "hi John. "

"Please come in."

She gracefully walked by. The ravishing off-the-shoulder red dress with pewter gray stilettos caught his attention.  The fragrance of lush gardenia and white tea essence brushed by him. 

"You look and smell beautiful."

With her back turned to him, she replied, " thanks. Emerald Rush by Caress. "

John exhaled and closed his front door.  She stood in the center of his living room. He walked over to his dinning room table and grabbed a chair.  He removed his gold Movado watch and loosen his shirt.

"Please, come sit. "

She sat in the chair.  He grabbed two wine glasses and filled them with triple distilled water. He placed a glass in front of her. 

"Thank you." She whispered. 

He looked at her. She looked up.

"A-a-are you feeling better? Dan and Eve told me you just got out the hospital."

"Yeah. It's a little embarrassing. But I'm okay, thank you for asking."

She looked around and scratched her arm, "no problem. And your family's in town too."

John chuckled,  "yeah, suprisingly."

Denise bluntly replied, " they must be relief not to see me in your corner.  Is Cameron in that spot or Nikki?"

John told a gulp of water, "I  didn't cheat on you."

Denise looked down, while he continued,  "Cameron was a mistake. Nikki was never  a threat to you."

Denise wiped her hair from her face, "who is Nikholas? Nikholas Bell? Dan told Eve who told me."

John took another gulp, "Nikholas is Nikki. It's Nikki Belle. And I only disguise her because I thought you would get jealous."

"So you hid her to protect me. Have you ever slept with her?"

"Before we dated."

She shooked her head in disappointment. 

He replied, "I have no reason to lie to you."

The End

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