Split DecisionMature

"I am so sorry. I don't know what came over me! That was the first time I've kissed him. Its just when I saw him in the hospital bed, and knew he had severe alcohol poisoning,  I'm just glad he was alive." Nikki proclaimed. 

Carol smiled, "oh I agree. We were his only emergency contacts. But our boy is a trooper."

Nikki agreed. John Sr., grabbed Carol by her waist and excused them from Nikki. 

Carol whispered,  "she is beautiful and a nice fit for John.

John Sr, agreed as Dan walked up to Nikki, "why couldn't you just tell me that he left his phone at your place? I know you are hiding from Denise . You could have told me."

Nikki responded, "honestly,  it wasn't important."

Dan turned his head and walked away from her. He looked down the hallway to see Eve wearing fitted jeans and a winter jacket.  

Eve kissed him on his lips, "hey babe, how is John holding up?"

Dan grabbed her hand, "John will be fine." He explained his symptoms as his parents approached them. Eve quickly grabbed Dan's hand and swiftly enter John's hospital room. Dan smiled as John was asleep. Eve called Denise and updated her with information.  They stood by their friend/brother until the end of the night.

The Next Morning:

John bit into his wheat bagel and drank a sip of orange juice. He just finished talking with his parents. Counting Stars by One Republic played throughout his living room. He opened his bible,  and started to pray.

"Father God, I come to you in the name of Jesus. Thank you for taking care of me and my loved ones. Allowing me to see another day. Please forgive me for going to liquor to solve my problems and not you. Lord I may not always make the best decisions but I try my hardest to live by you. Lord, I am looking for a wife, for a woman to complete me. Who is she? "

John ignored his phone ranging. He glanced at the caller ID: it read Nikki.

Talking to the Lord was more important.  He turned off his lights and allowed the natural light to fill his place. He continued to pray. 

He lifted his head as tears hit the floor. He stood up and walked over to his front door. He opened the door to meet eyes with her.

The End

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