Thinking Out LoudMature

John and his parents sat in silence. John stared at the window and cried.

Thinking out Loud by Jojo played.

"We are here for you, son." His dad whispered.

"Thanks dad, " John whispered back.

The door opened and Nikki walked in.

"John!" She rushed over to him. 

Dan followed her, "mom? Dad? John, you are here..."

Carol watched John's facial expression as he embraced his hug from Nikki. She kissed his lips and Dan cringed.

"Nikki, I'm okay. Relax."

Dan hugged John. John turned to Dan, "you're here!!! I'm sorry..."

Dan replied,  "it doesn't matter,  I'm happy you are alive. "

John smiled, "agreed, where are you staying. "

"I'm staying with Eve and Denise." Dan mentioned as Carol watch John's facial expressions. 

John said, "are they coming here?"

Nikki grabbed his hand, as Dan finished,  "no. Why would they?" Dan looked at Nikki.

John looked down with disbelief.  Carol introduced herself to Nikki.

"Hello, we are his parents,  John Sr., and Carol."

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Beamer,  I am John's best friend,  Nikhole, but everyone calls me Nikki."

John Sr., turned to everyone,  "we are all happy that you are awake and ticking, so lets give the boy sometime to rest."

"Thank you for coming all."

He closed his eyes and woke up 4hours later.

He looked up and met eyes with Denise. 

His anxiety level shot up when he saw rage has set in her eyes.

"Hello John."

"Hello Denise," he said as he took a deep breath.

The End

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