White Tiger LilliesMature

John felt the warmth of the sun rays reflecting off the skyscrapers of Philadelphia. Billions ( acoustic ) by Jojo played on her cell phone.

His head felt heavy as he shifted his body towards the sun light. He rubbed his head and started to massage his temples. He attempted to looked around, but his eyes focused on a pot in the room.

The pot had three white tiger lillies staring at him. A smile crept on his face. He rubbed his eyes and attempted to sit up. He felt his muscles tense up when trying to reposition himself.  

He sat and then realized: he was sitting in a hospital room. 

Pain shot his body and his head felt heavier. 

He attempted to speak, but no sound came out. The

 door opened and she walked in.

"You're awake!"

"Tam..." John hoarsely said.

Tammy hugged him, "Mr. Beamer,  I was so worried."

John embraced her hug.

"I am happy, you are alive."

"I am too." John said, "thank you for my flowers."

"Your mom brought them. I gotta get them." Tammy opened the door. 

"My mom?"

Carol and John Sr rushed in. "My baby son. You are alive."

Tammy smiled, "I'll leave you when your family,  but I'll leave my phone, cause you love Jojo's Agape album."

"Thank you Tammy.  You are the best assistant."

She smiled as she closed the door.

Carol kissed John on his forehead,  "I'm happy you are alive but why are you here."

John coughed, "Denise... I broke up with her."

Carol and John Sr rubbed his hand and he continued,  "I fell out of love, because I like someone else."

His heart got heavy, "mom, I want them both."

John Sr., "who do you love?"

John rubbed his head as he cried, "Denise... and Nikki."

Carol wiped his tear, "why did you break up with Denise?"

John's face became red, "because I love her and I'm tired of lying to her."

The End

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