Another SecretMature


Denise locked her front door as Dan interlock his hands with Eve. Denise locked her arms with Dan. 

"Let's skip down the yellow brick road." Dan said, as they all chuckled. 

"I will take you guys to the best mom and pop breakfast joint in Philly."

Eve lead the conversation and Dan with Denise followed. 

20 minutes later:

He placed his fork in his eggs, "this is amazing."

Denise smiled as she listened to the story of Dan chasing Eve.

A woman walked up to Dan and asked to speak to him privately.

Eve looked at the woman as Denise's head was down looking at her food. 

"Excuse me?" Dan said. 

"May I speak to you privately? "

Eve responded,  "I think you have him confused."

The woman dressed in red replied, "Dan? John's brother?"

Denise poked her head up, "Nikki?!"

She ignored Denise and touched Dan's shoulder, "can we speak in private?"

Dan stood up, "so you're Nikki."

Denise was confused as Dan knew who she was. Denise attempted to stand up, but Eve stopped her. 

Dan walked away with Nikki. Denise looked at Eve with confusion.

Eve turned to Denise, "Nikki, is not a threat to you."

Denise jerked back, "how do you know her?"

Eve continued,  "that is John's best friend."

Denise shook her head, "I have never heard of a Nikki. Or have I meet her as John's best friend. "

Eve hesitated, " this is weird. Dan told me this."

Denise said, "this doesn't make sense. "

Eve continued,  "wait... John was supposed to tell you all of this. Is this new to you?!"

Denise stammered as Dan walked back and sat down. 

Dan replied,  "I am so worried about my brother.  Where would he be?"

Denise stumbled,  "is he missing?" Emotions started to cloud her mind.

Eve said, "is that what she told you?"

Denise continued,  "who is she? Nikki?"

Dan hesitated,  "I would rather John tell you."

Denise uttered, "another secret..."

Eve grabbed Denise's hand, "please tell her...tell us."

Dan hesitated,  "Nikki is Nikholas, his business partner that started the gym."

Denise's mouth dropped,  "why would he lie..."

"You can punch him when we find him!" Dan replied. 

"When you find him." Denise mumbled.  

She stood up and drop $40 on the table. "I cannot believe... can-n-not handle this... I'm sorry, I gotta go. "

The End

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