Kona MorningMature

The next morning:

Tammy opened the front doors and started her opening procedures. She started the day with Ordinary People by John Legend.  She grabbed a cup of pineapple kona pop tea and sat at her desk. A few of the gym's associates came in shortly after. 

" Good morning Tammy." 

She greeted the staff and walked to John's office.

She turned on the lights, and opened the blinds. She walked over to his desk and tripped. She looked to see John on the floor. 

She started to panic as she jumped on his chest. She shook him, and no response. 

Her anxiety level shot through the roof as she could feel death on his breath.

She started to scream for help. "Someone please!!!!"

A trainer by the name of Hunter ran in first.

"What happened?!"

Tammy started to get emotional,  "I came in to let some sunlight in... and h-h-he was o-o-n the floor. Is he?"

"John,  come on brother." He started to perform the Heimlich. 

Hunter pressed his hands on his chest. Blew air in his mouth. Tammy stood up and looked at his desk to see condom rappers and empty bottles of liquor.

Stephanie, Hunters wife and fellow trainer called 911.


Later that morning:

Dan called John's cell phone again.


Dan went into the bathroom,  "John, where are you?"

She replied,  "I'm not John. I am his friend."

Dan jerked back and tried to whisper,  "who is this?"

She replied,  "it's not important.  John isn't here. He left his cell phone at my house. I don't know where he is."

Dan replied,  "I am his brother and I'm worried about him. What were you doing with him."

She chuckled,  "I don't know where he is, but he isn't here.  I'm tired of this phone ranging. So I'm turning it off. Nice talking with you."

She hung up on him. He released a heavy sigh. 

The End

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