Air FlightMature

She laid again hardwood floors and stared into her fireplace.  The warmth hugged her body as she closed her eyes. Her thoughts laid silently next to her as she thought about her direction in life.

The alarm blinked 12:22am.

Denise rubbed her eyes and walked into her kitchen. She grabbed her paperwork and brought it to her bedroom. She approved payroll for her store and finally laid down.

She looked down at her phone and recieved a missed a call from Eve.

She called her back.


"Hey Denise!"

"HEY EVE!!! I've missed you so much."

"I missed your voice so much. You sound so awake!"

Denise chuckled, " right! I had a lot on the brain, so I stayed up just thinking."

Eve continued, "well I am so happy that you did, cause we have arrived in Philly, and John isn't here to pick us up. We can't reach him."

Denise shot up, "Oh my goodness! Where is he?"

Eve nervously giggled, "it's been about an hour. We are a little worried. But we are so tired and cold. Can we..."

Denise interrupted,  "yes! I'll be there in 20.  It's not like him to forget,  I hope everything is okay."

Eve smiled, "I hope so too. See you soon."

30 minutes later.

Jealous by Nick Jonas blasted through her speakers as she arrived to Philadelphia International Airport. 

Eve watched Denise pull up and ran towards her car. Dan grabbed the bags and followed.

"Denise! Ooo~oooop!" Eve yelled as she ran in her crimson flats. 

They slammed into each other and a burst of love exploded from them.

"Thank you for picking us up and I'm happy to see you."

Dan walked up, "Hey Denise!!!"

"Hey Dan Dan! How are you?!"

Dan and Denise hugged. The cold breeze slid into between their jackets. Eve placed their bags in the car.

"Let's take you home. "

Denise drove Eve and Dan to her house. The exhaustion of traveling all day filled both Dan and Eve. They fell asleep.  The warm seats against the gentle music created a soothing silence. 

She pulled onto her street and parked her car. She quietly exited. Denise decided to call

 John but only reached his voicemail.

"Hi John." She hesitated. "This is Denise. I hope you are okay but I picked up Dan and Eve, and they are at my house. Call your brother. "

She turned around to see Eve climbing out her car.

"Don't worry about him.  Every thing will work out."

Denise started to cry and Eve gave her a hug.

The End

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