Dark ChocolateMature

Three Days Later:

Drexel blasted I Got It by Ashanti as she hit mile 6. The sweat dripped of her clothes at a rapid speed as she push Titus wiped off the machine next to her and started running next to her. S

he didn't pay him any attention until he started running.  His dark skin started to glisten.

"Yum, dark chocolate. " Drexel chuckled to herself. 

Titus was a taller and muscular man. He had full lips and a fuller nose. His dark chocolate skin intrigued Drexel as she could no longer focus on running. 

She slowed herself down and jumped on the edges of the treadmill. She grabbed her container of water and rehydrated herself. 

She got off of the treadmill and cleaned off her equipment.  She caught Titus' eyes and he bit his lip.

She smiled and waved.

"Hello beautiful. " Titus said in between heavy breaths.

Drexel smiled, "hello."

She walked away. 

She whispered to herself,  "Come on... follow me... ask me..."

She turned around and he was still running on the treadmill. 

"Damn..." she said as she reached for her phone. She missed a few phone calls.

"Denise and Eve called me? Roman and Dean called me too? Damn, I'm popular today."

John walked up behind her, "hey Drex."

Drexel turned to John, "oh hey."

A half smile crept on his face, "can I talk to you?"

Drexel hesitated,  "what is this about?"

John continued,  "As you know, Denise and I broke up. I haven't spoken to her in a few days but we had joint plans with Dan and Eve. Can you remind her of these plans?"

Drexel snickered,  "why can't you just remind her? " She picked up her gym bag.

He became irrated,  as she drank her water.

Drexel began to walk away,  "she knows already. Doesn't mean she'll actually go."

John looked down, "I hope she comes..."

The End

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