Blue RaysMature

The bright aura of blue and white sun rays blinded her as she caught her breath. The sun rays bounced off the large skyscrapers of Philadelphia. The crowds of suits and brief cases took over the streets. She looked around in a panic. Trying to figure out everything all at once. 


John tried to look beyond the crowds of people but couldn't make out Denise. He turned back to Cameron. 

"I-I-I have to go..." He mumbled. 

"Well, I'm about to hit the gym, " she diverted the conversation. 

"Cameron, you have to chill."


"Because I love my girlfriend.  I want her."

"But you had me."

"That was just one night. This is where it ends."

"You don't mean that." She scoffed,  "I know where to get you, IF I want it again. "

John chuckled,  "whatever. "

She flipped her hair and entered the gym, "bye John."

John turned back to the streets. He reached for his phone.

"Should I call her..."

He started walking up the street towards her direction.  He picked up his phone and started to call Denise.

The cold breeze sliced his face. He told out his lip balm and applied it to his lips.  

"Come on Denise,  pick up your phone. "


She tried to get her emotions together as she began to walk again. She looked down and saw that John was calling. She took a deep gulp as she felt a level of anxiety cover her.

Her fingers hovered over the accept selection. She felt the cold bruise her fingertips and her ears. They were becoming numb. She looked up and reached her store.

She pressed accept but it was too late. Her phone sent him to voicemail. She opened the door and entered her store. The blue and yellow sun rays rushed in with her. The warm aura of coffee quickly rub against her body. She immediately ran into the backroom and apologized to her staff. She put on her special apron and picked up her playbook.  

She popped her head out of the backdoor and told her staff:

"Hey, after you finished that drink, Kylie, go on your lunch break, and Martin jump on bar. I'll take the customer support role."

They agreed and she called her voicemail. 

Her voicemail played back his voice: "Denise... please." 

She heard an heavy sigh and his breath against the phone. Her body softly trembled. 

She pressed her ear against the phone, and she could feel his anxiety.  

"Please?" He mumbled once again then hung up. She put her phone down and looked up with pain in her eyes.

The End

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