A Mere GlanceMature

John held the door opened as he stared at her standing there. He couldn't process any thoughts as he stood in awe.

He watched her wipe her eyes and he suddenly had flashes of Cameron kissing him. His guilty reactions battled with his known love of Denise.

"Thank you." A gym member said as he left the gym. It broke John's concentration and he released the door.

Denise's eyes look down and caught John's attention from across the street. John froze in place when he realized their eyes aligned.  Her face displayed trepidation.  

She shunned her face while John empathized. 

"Denise..." he whispered.  He couldn't yell. 

She watched his mouth move but she had too many emotions flooding through her head. She tried to hold them, but a tear slid down her face. 

John saw her wipe her face and it broke his heart. He stood there in pure consternation. 

Denise broke their concentration and walked around the corner.  She hid herself behind the building.  She sat on a step stoop and started to cry.

John started to walk towards Denise direction when Cameron walked up behind him.

"Hey baby. Guess who?" She said.

John snapped around, "Cameron chill. You aren't my baby."

Cameron smiled, "I was more than your baby last night, well this morning."

Denise stood up and began to develop her confidence.  She turned the corner to see Cameron talking to John.  She couldn't calm herself down.

John removed Cameron's hands from his waist, "Cameron,  relax please." 

Cameron replied,  "why? Did last night not mean anything to you?"

John turned to Denise's direction. She hid behind the corner. 

John said, "it's because I love my girlfriend,  and I can't with you."

Denise peeked again. She saw him making steps towards her directions. She started to walk away from his gym. Table Dancer by Keshia Chante played as she jogged back to her store.

The End

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