Denise took a deep breath as she exited the restaurant. She tried to calm herself down, especially as she realized that she was becoming emotional.  She looked down at her phone and replied to Eve's text message. 

"I cannot wait to see you!" 

She looked down the street. The cold breeze of winter slid down her back. She called her store and notified them of her tardiness. 

"Denise?! What was that about?" Cj said as he closed the door of the restaurant. 

Denise snapped her neck, "She knows me because she likes John."

Cj replied, " you and John aren't together anymore, and that was rude to snap off at her like that, especially since you don't know her."

Denise turned her head. Cj ran around her so that he was facing her.

"Denise, that was rude."

Denise wiped her hair from her face, "she wants my man. And stop saying we are not together.  He loves me, wholeheartedly.  Don't dare think that we are over because he said those words. He is just frustrated."

Cj said,  "Denise, I know you are upset. But I need you to chill. You don't see how you are acting..."

Denise interrupted,  "I am not upset and I may be a little emotional but I know what a whore looks like. And I know what a whore's agenda is especially if she knows who her target's girlfriend is."

Cj inhaled.  Denise finished, "and watching how you greeted her, looks like you have enjoy time in Nikki land. I am not that type of girl, and won't be associated with a guy that does. Enjoy your day Cj."

Cj stood there in awe as she walked away.  

She walked up the street and put her earbuds in. She clicked through her Samsung Galaxy S5 and selected, Cry by  Tiffany Evans.

She began to walk. The deep percussion and the longevity of the notes calmed her down. She found herself walking by John's gym. She looked up at the stone wall and carved out his gym's name. She felt her head get heavy as her eyes began to water.

She stared through the glass and watched people work out. John opened the front door and saw her staring from across the street. He hesitated. She didn't notice him watching her from across the street.

The End

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