Purple and GreenMature


Denise walked into the cafe, "I am ready to go."

Cj smiled, "so we are going to a new restaurant,  its called Zoe's kitchen. It's Greek and Mediterranean food."

Denise smiled, as she took off her Starbucks cap. She flipped her hair and left with him.

They walked down the street. Denise felt a rumble in her purse but she ignored it.

Cj said, "you are too beautiful to have a bad day. What's wrong?"

Denise sighed, "my boyfriend and I aren't together anymore."

Cj stopped walking,  "are you okay?"

"Stop pretending like you care about us." She chuckled.

Cj dropped the charade and starting doing the nae nae dance.

Denise started laughing, "you are ridiculous."

Cj ran up to her, "I didn't really like you guys together, but I am here if you need a shoulder to cry on. But don't friend zone me, though."

Denise couldn't believe that he was acting this way. It did make her laugh.  She turned to him and pushed him, "I am over this conversation with you. I only have a half hour break, so let's get to this restaurant."

Cj opened the door to the restaurant and they were greeted by their staff.

"Welcome to Zoe's Kitchen!!" Said the staff member. 

They looked up at the menu as Colbie Caillat Bubbly played throughout the place. A few minutes later they paid for their food and sat down.

Cj smiled, "I'm going to take your mind off of this boy today."

Denise smiled. She opened her purse and pulled out her phone. Cj continued to talk as Denise read her missed text.

Eve texted (11:13am) I can't wait to see you this weekend!!!

Cj said, "so do you want to do that?"

Denise looked up and realize she wasn't listening to him.

Denise replied,  "I'm sorry, I was distracted, what did you say?"

A woman interrupted Denise as she walked up to the table, "hey Cj."

Cj stood up, "hello beautiful."

Denise watched them hug. Cj introduced them. Denise squinted her eyes as the woman looked familiar. 

"Denise this is Nikki and Nikki, this is Denise." They both reached and shook each other's hands. Nikki was wearing a royal purple dress with green pumps and a green broach. 

Nikki smiled, "you are John Beamer's girlfriend,  aren't you?"

Denise stood up, "and you are one of his clients,  correct?"

Nikki smirked, "I was his first... client." 

Denise cocked her head, "well if you were his first... client. And he opened his gym three years ago. And your body still looks like that, I would sue him."

Cj laughed as it became uncomfortable.  For some reason, the girls got off on the wrong foot and Cj didn't understand why.

Nikki laughed, "excuse me! You're a feisty one aren't you. John does like a feisty. Well, facts are, people pay for a body like mine."

Denise picked up her purse, "I bet your return rate is higher and I would pay to stand next to Barney too."

Nikki glared at Denise and Cj chuckled lightly. 

Denise turned to Cj, "thanks for lunch, I gotta get back to work. Maybe I'll jog back or hire a new personal trainer. " As she walked towards the exit.

The End

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