Caramel Flan LatteMature


"Can I have a name for the cup?" Denise politely asked.


"Thanks Cameron. So I have triple grande soy no whip caramel flan latte. That sounds delicious."

Brandy's Never Say Never played throughout the café. 

Cameron continued,  "yeah girl. I worked up a sweat last night." 

Denise took her payment, "so I guess you had fun."

She laughed and flipped her hair, "yes I did. Never thought a white guy would be so much fun."

Denise's eyes got big as Cameron started to get louder. Denise politely dismissed her as she continue to volunteer information about her fun night. Denise was confused by this random woman's remarks.

Denise interrupted Cameron's rant, "well girl, um your drink will be at the bar. Our lovely Zoe will be making your drink today."

Denise walked into her backroom to get away from Cameron. She greeted one of her employees and checked her phone.

"John..." She whispered to herself. Her fingers hovered over the keypad.

"Do I need to let you go?" She continued to whisper to herself. She bit into an almond croissant and returned to the floor.

Cameron took a sip of her coffee, "excuse me, I don't taste any mocha?!"

The barista Zoe turned to her and said, "oh it's an caramel..."

Cameron interrupted,  "you messed up my drink and this is not what I ordered." 

The barista tried to fix it but Cameron made a bigger commotion. Denise walked over:

"Oh sorry about that, I'll personally make that drink over for you. I'll throw in an extra espresso shot for you too."

Cameron smiled, "thank you. I just moved here from Atlanta,  and I'm excited to date."

Denise started to steam the soy milk. She pulled four shots and pumped her syrups.

Denise looked up, "well welcome to Philly. I am the store manager, Denise. Welcome to my store."

Cameron greeted Denise. Denise continued,  "so how do you know this guy?"

Cameron flipped her hair, "I go to his gym. I just found out he broke up with his girlfriend last night."

Denise dropped the whole pitcher of steam soy milk. She stumbled. The steam soy milk splashed. Her eyes got wide. She put her head down.

Cameron and Denise's staff responded, "are you okay?"

Denise try to get her words together, "yes I'm fine."

Denise grabbed more soy milk and started the drink over.

Cameron flipped her hair again, "girl, whom ever his girlfriend, must be an idiot for letting him go."

Denise pulled four more espresso shots, "what is his name?"

Cameron smiled, "John. My strong Adonis. "

Denise reframed from throwing a pitcher on her. She poured her milk with the contents and gave her the beverage.

"Enjoy Cameron."

She smiled, "thank you. Wish me luck!!"

Denise cringed and excused herself to the back.

The End

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