Demand MeMature

The next morning:

John stepped out of the shower and review all of the events in his head. He rub his chest and he relived Cameron kisses.

He dried off his body and walked into his kitchen. He picked up his phone.

"Denise..." He uttered. His fingers hovered over his keypad. He didn't know what to say.

He put down his phone and walked into his bedroom.  He started to get dress for the day. His phone rang. John ran to answer it.


"Bro! It's Dan, how did it all go?"

"It's over." John exhaled a heavy sigh. 

"What the hell happened?" Dan proclaimed. 

"It just got to much. She was demanding to much of me. Like I wanted her too, but not on expenses of my gym. I want her to care and be demanding of us... but not right now."

"Bruh, you're not making much sense, right now. John, are you okay?"

"No, I'm not okay..." He said as he finished ironing his shirt. He applied deodorant. 

"Well don't worry, atleast you have me this weekend."


"Did you forget?!? You need to get an assistant,  cause you are struggling. Eve and I are staying with you this weekend. We have been planning this with you and Denise for like two months now. I can't believe you!!"

"Dan, chill, I have enough room to house you both."

"Well you better! Have you tried to reach out to her."

"I don't know what to say."

"Are you serious bro?"

"Yeah man. This is hard. On top of everything,  I slept with one of my clients last night. Right after I broke it up with Denise."

"Are you the fuck serious?" Dan yelled.

"It was nice to feel wanted. She wanted to be on top of me. She wanted to feel my thrust. Denise doesn't..."

Dan interrupted, "Denise wants you. You slept with your client?! Bro, you are fucking up?"

John fully dressed walked into his kitchen and slid a bagel in the toaster.

John said, "don't you think I know when I feel like I messed up. I'm not telling Denise about Cameron or Nikki."

Dan responded, "this is going to be a crazy weekend."


"Because you told me, you were going to tell Denise about Nikki. So I already told Eve."

"Are you serious, Dan??"

John wrapped his toasted bagel in a paper towel. He grabbed his jacket and keys.

"Damn Dan. I gotta go."

Dan tried to apologize but John hung up on him.

"I keep digging myself a hole." John uttered.

The End

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