Cold LipsMature

Cameron gently push John's chair away from his desk. She kissed him on his neck while he looked at the ceiling. So many thoughts were going through his head. He felt her cold lips but warm breath against his chest. Cameron changed the radio station. I Luv this by August played.

She crotched in between his legs and started to undo his belt. 

John whispered, "wait... I'm not ready..."

Cameron put her finger against his lips. 

"Shush, let me relieve your pain."

Cameron started to unzip his pants. 

"Wait..." He whispered but she already grabbed him. She placed her bottom lip against him and began to softly blow.

He jerked from the warmth of her touch. Her left hand rub his legs and he felt a cooler sensation enter his body.

"Just sit back and relax. Take deep breaths for me, daddy."

John licked his lips and try to enjoy the soft touches. He tried to silence his thoughts as she took him whole.

He felt his body stretch out as her mouth started to water. She took her time as her hands rubbed on his abs. Her focal point started to grow with hardness and intensity. Her eyes got big as it continue to grow. She wrapped both hands around it and still had room to place her mouth on top. 

John took out a condom and slid it on. She started her routine as John grabbed the desk. Her head moved to the motion of the rhythm of the songs. 

Then all of a sudden, there was a knock at the door.

Tammy opened the door and John disshuffled himself. Cameron was under the desk still focus on relieving pressure. 

"HEY-HEY T-t-ammy." John stuttered.

"Are you okay, Mr. Beamer."

"Yeah, w-w-what's up?"

Cameron started to increase her speed as she got excited. The drill of Tammy accidently finding them excited her. She stopped making sounds and watched his facial expressions.

" I am leaving for the night. Did you want me to stay?"

John replied, "you have been great today, have a g-g-good night."

Tammy looked at him weird and closed his door.  Cameron stood up on him and said, "that was fun now let me finish you..."

The End

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