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Denise watched him walk down the hallway.  As soon as she heard the elevator close, she started to process what just happened.

"Did that just happen?"

She decided to take the stairs towards her car as she replayed the conversation over and over again. She unlocked her car with her clicker and sat in her car.  She turned on her car and Janet Jackson's I want you played on surround sound in her vehicle.

She released a loud groan, "Ughhhh!?"

She opened her glove compartment,  exposing tissues and paperwork. She grabbed tissues to wipe her tears. 

"I didn't want this."

She turned on her phone and reached out to her friends. 

She texted: I need you. John and I just broke up. 

She turned her key and drove off.

An hour later of driving around aimlessly, she parked her car in front of her apartment and walked across the street. 

Sitting on her doorstep was her sorority sister Drexel and Mya. One of her male friends, Mylez was sitting with the girls.

"Denise! We were so worry about you!!!" They yelled all at different times causing a commotion in front of her apartment.

Denise's eyes were glazed and she had tear stains on her cheeks, "I didn't mean to push him. He doesn't... I can't... I, he.... ugh."

The four friends hugged tighter and entered the apartment. They brought over ice cream and a movie. They talked, listened, sung and cried. Denise felt better after two hours. They all retired for the night.

The next morning:

Denise walked into a busy Starbucks with crowds of people. The aura of Veranda, Verona and Pike Place coffee beans brewing inhaled the air. Denise joined a team of seven baristas to tackle the morning rush. 

She tied her hair in a bun and slid on her black hat. She fixed her name tag and slid on her special black Coffee Masters apron and went into the cafe. At the end of the morning rush, a familar person walked up. Aretha Franklin Respect played throughout the cafe.

"Can I have a Venti Flat White with whipped cream and caramel drizzle?"

Denise heard the order and started to steam her milk. She looked up and smile, "good morning Cj."

Cj smiled, "hello beautiful."

Denise smiled, "Hey Cj, how are you?" 

She pulled his shots, ristretto style. Her barista gave her Cj's cup. Cj walked over to the end of the bar.

He looked her up and down. "I am doing much better now that I saw you. But you aren't smiling as hard as you usually do. How are you?"

Denise poured the velvety milk into the cup and topped it off with caramel drizzle and whipped cream.  She presented it.

"I am no longer with my boyfriend and I have a Venti whipped cream, caramel drizzled Flat White. Enjoy."

He took a sip, "this was made with love, I can taste it. And are you okay?"

"I will be fine."

"Let me take your mind off things, let's go to lunch. I won't even hit on you."

Denise laughed, "okay, you promise?"

Cj joked, "of course, let's meet at 11am."

The End

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