Lead YouMature

John drove through the streets of brotherly love. Kelly Rowland's I Remember played throughout his car.

"What did I just do?" He mumbled to himself. 

He pulled up to the crowd of people surrounding his gym. He parallel parked across the street and quickly ran over. He enter the crowd to see his side glass window of the building shattered. 

"Excuse me, excuse me." John slid through the sections of people.

John continued, "excuse me officer. I am the owner. Do you know what happen?"

"Hello sir,  there was a drunk guy that somehow shatter this whole wall of glass. The traffic cam will tell us exactly what happen. I know you have a member of your gym that has a few cuts and bruises. I will inform you in the morning of all my findings."

John shook his hand with firmness. He entered his gym. The Dream's Skywalker played throughout the gym.

Tammy took the papers from the gym member, "I will process this incident report and the owner of the gym, Mr. Beamer will be in contact."

She asked, "he isn't here?"

John walked up, "excuse my tardiness.  I am the owner. Are you hurt?"

She reached out, "my injuries aren't bad, but you need to get that window, bullet proof."

John agreed,  "so is that what happened." He shook her hand.

"My name is Cameron. I've seen you a lot here but I wasn't aware that you were the CEO."  

John smiled and formally introduced himself. 

"I'm going to process this incident report and I'll be in contact with you." 

He turned to Tammy,  "I know the gym is almost closed for the night but can you help me check on every member in here."

John turned back to Cameron, "I am glad you are okay, if you need anything, I'll be in my office for the rest of the night."

Cameron smiled as John and Tammy walked away. 

A few minutes later,  John walked into his office and sat behind his desk. Gentle on my mind by Glen Campbell played.

He put his head down, "what did I do?!"

He replayed the conversation in his head, over and over. He kept his tears from forming.

Tammy knocked, "Mr Beamer?"

John disshuffled, "yes, can I help you?"

"Is everything okay?"

"I accidentally broke up...with...her. I d-d-don't know what I was thi-i-inking."

Tammy looked upset but didn't how to address it.  "Mr. Beamer, I don't know what to say, but if you need anything, I am present."

"Thank you." John uttered as he put his head down. Tammy closed his door and left.

A few minutes later, Cameron knocked on his door.

"Come in Tammy."

"Oh, its Cameron."

John wiped his tears.

"Its just a few cuts, you don't to have to be emotional about it..." She joked.

John turned his chair so that his back faced her. "Can I help you?"

Cameron walked over to him and sat on his desk, "what's wrong? You are too cute and sexy to be this upset over little ole me!"

"My girl and I are not together anymore."

Cameron stood by him, and she rubbed his back.

Cameron grabbed his chin, "you are a beautiful and strong man. She is stupid to put you in a predictament, to lose you."

John disdained, "we kept drifting. After we stopped having sex, it just went downhill. I just want love and connection."

"Can I take your mind off of this?"


Cameron, a beautiful black woman with blonde hair straddled him. He was confused but didn't know how to handle this. 

Cameron placed his hands on her thighs and she leaned down to kiss him. Their heads moved in the same motion as Cameron lead the kiss.

The End

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