Again they sat in silence.

"I don't want us to break up..." Denise muttered.

John looked up, "why did you stop sleeping over?"

Denise answered, "Cause my store opens at 5am, and I go to sleep at 8pm while you're usually up at 8am and you close at midnight."

John agreed. Denise stood up. They locked their hands together.

"Do you want to break up?" John's blue eyes met Denise's sincerity. Denise laid her head against his chest. She felt his heart beat.  He pressed his chin against her forehead.

"This is getting tough." Denise whispered.  Her eyes started to tear up. John released his grip and slid his hands around her waist. She did the same and hugged firmly.

A few minutes later, John's telephone rung, shattering the silence. John broke his concentration and his grip.

"Hello, Mr. Beamer?"

John sounded concern, "What's going on?"

"We need you to come back to the gym, we had an incident."

"Is everyone okay?"

"Yes, it seems like someone damaged your property and we have a few police officers here."

"Thank you Tammy, I'll be there in a half-hour."

John turned to Denise as he hung up the phone, "baby, I gotta take a rain check."

Denise said, "are you leaving me... again?" Denise appear to be upset.

"Don't go down this path, something happen to my gym." John said as he bypassed her feelings and focused on his gym.

"Okay, well no one was hurt. Handle your problems here at home first."

"Denise, I have to check on my gym. We can finish this later."

Denise walked in his path way. "NO! This is why we are in this predicament now, we keep putting this off."

John uttered as he grabbed his jacket, "you can be so selfish." He whined.

"Selfish?!" She proclaimed. "You know what your problem is, John Beamer. You are always looking out for everyone else but me?!?"

"ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!" He yelled as he walked into his bedroom. She followed him. 

"Yes, besides fighting for our relationship four months ago against your evil-ass parents and your bitch of a ex fiancee, that is the last time you cared about me."

John picked up his car keys while Denise grabbed her shoes. Denise finished, "do you hear me? FIGHT FOR US!?!"

John replied, "we will finish this conversation when I get back. That is it." He tossed a Nike fitted cap on his head.

Denise grabbed her jacket and car keys, "I work tomorrow and you work tomorrow. We won't have the time."

John waited for her to put on her jacket, "we will find time."

Denise stood in the door, "I have a double shift tomorrow and so do you. John, we won't have the time!"

She continued, "I won't

 be bothered with your foolishness of when and where you want to deal with your girlfriend."

John turned off his lights and Denise walked out with him. John locked his apartment door.

"Then I don't want to fuck with your foolishness."

Denise dropped her keys, "what did you say to me? I am fighting for us."

John stuttered and said," w-w-w-we are done! There isn't an us anymore, you happy?!"

Denise stood there in awe as John walked down the hallway.  Her eyes got big as she replayed the conversation.

The End

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