Make ItMature

They sat in silence.  The sound of biting and swallowing food took control of the room.

John uttered," do you like it?"

Denise looked up and slid the fork of food in her mouth. John stood up and walked over to the cabinet. Denise finished chewing her food.

"I do like it. You made my favorite dish."

"Good, I'm glad you like it."

Denise grabbed her plate and walked over to the trash can. "So how was your day?"

John poured another glass of red wine. "It was great. I'm really enjoying my new hires."

Denise wiped the remaining crumbs off her plate.

"Good, that means business is going great?!"

John smiled, "business is great! I just hired two new personal trainers. This new location is booming with people who wanted a real gym."

He poured Denise a glass of wine and he continued, "I want to add one more floor, if I can get the clearance for it."

Denise smiled, "I am so happy for you."

"Thanks baby and what's new for business with you?"

She grabbed the glass of wine and said, "Business is great at Starbucks. I love being a store manager there."

She took a big gulp of wine.

John cheered, "That's awesome, baby."

"They want me to transfer and start a new store."

John cheered again, "congratulations! That's big!"

Denise smiled, "kinda. It's an hour away, compared to being 8 minutes away."

John looked confused, "wait, what does this mean for us."

"Exactly..." She said she took another gulp.

John walked over to his dinning room table. "So, are you going to take it?"

Denise poured another glass and walked over to him. "I wanted to have that conversation with you."

John bit into his ziti. "This feels like we are breaking up?"

Denise sat down next to him.

"I don't want us to break up, but I feel like we already are."

John turned to her, "and you feel like that cause I am always engrossed into my work."

Denise interrupted, "and so am I. This is the first time in two months that we met for a date, for just the two of us."

John continued, "wow, the last time was Thanksgiving wasn't it."

"That's cause we spent Christmas at our respective siblings places."

John grabbed her hand, "You have a big decision ahead of you."

"No, we have to make that decision."

John agreed, "yes, we can. I can't lose you again."

Denise leaned over and kissed his lips.

"Denise, I love you."

"John, I love you too, but can we make this work?"

The End

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