Chill PillMature

"Why do I need to calm the hell down?!?!" Denise stormed into the living room.

Denise being sarcastic, "You went out to a club, got drunk, oh and I guess a girl just sucked on your chest for a few minutes. But I'm not supposed to worry cause you told her you had a beautiful girlfriend, and she was cool with that."

John put his hand on his forehand, "She didn't suck on my chest and nothing happened. Will you take a damn chill pill?"

Denise anxiously replied, "Fine, I'm going to go out tonight and find a cute ass man and ask him to suck on my neck. And then, I will waddle my ass back over here and show you before we have sex. I bet your ass would hit the damn roof."

John took a deep breathe, "well I went there to get some sort of attention, you don't even care about me anymore."

Denise went into the bedroom and yelled, "please don't play the victim. Everytime I needed you or wanted to spend time with you, you would ignore me for that damn gym. Ever since you got rid of your business partner, it looks like you got rid of me too."

Denise put on her shoes, and John walked up to her.

John looked in her eyes and she bypassed him. He stood in his bedroom when he heard his front door slam.

"Damn." He said, as he realized Denise just left.

He walked into the bathroom and rub his collarbone.

"Why did I let that ugly girl kiss me?" I have to get my life back in order."

He grabbed his phone and walked into his living room. 

"I love Denise so much. Lord, what do I do? How do I fix this?!" He asked himself.

Denise turned on the light and scared John.

"Ahh!" John said as he dropped his phone. 

Denise smiled and she walked up to him. 

"You scream like a girl." They laughed as he picked up his phone. "John, you think I don't know you?" She empathized. 

John grabbed her hands, "you can be mad about the hickey, that was an honest mistake, and you know I have common sense not to cheat on you. I just miss being with you. (He started to dance with her.) Let's have dinner, and chill." He sympathized.

Denise smiled, "I'm still mad at you, but I'm willing to work on us. Baby, I miss us. And plus I don't want to waste this dress and I'm hungry."

John kissed her on her lips, "I made your favorite, baked three cheeses ziti."

John led her over to the kitchen, "Forgive me baby?" He grabbed a spoon full of the baked ziti and fed it to her.

The End

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