Victoria's SecretMature

He slammed her against the wall. She tossed off her peep toe wedges. 

"I miss you." She said in between their kisses. 

John lifted Denise and her legs wrapped around his waist. 

"I missed you more." He replied. 

With her legs tightly around his waist, she let go of his upper body and started to undressed him. He walked over to his bed while kissing on her neck. She released her grip and slid onto the bed. She grabbed his remote for his stereo and pressed play.

"Hmph, you were prepared." She whispered.

John licked his lips, "it was a wild guess."

"Well, I was prepared, just in case."

Trey Songz's NaNa played. She stood on his bed and slowly started undressing herself. His eyes were a magnet focusing on his favorite parts. She sensually grabbed her dress, and pulled it over her head exposing a Victoria's secret bra. She rubbed her bra and softly bounced when she realized what he was focused on. She bit her rubber band that was around her wrist and seductively took it off. She tied her hair and signaled for him to come over.

He slide his pants off exposing his favorite elmo long socks and carefully crawled over to her. She laid back against his headboad and he crawled into between her legs. 

Denise bit his lips and whispered, "I love your Elmo socks."

He gently pressed his lips on her and breathed into her. His body stroked against hers. Her hands rubbed against every one of his back muscles.

He leaned back and removed his Movado watch. She was mesmerized by his body. She leaned her palm against his left collarbone and said, "does this hurt when I press down like that?"

He removed his marine chain and asked her to repeat herself.

Denise uttered, "Does this hurt?" As she used her thumb to pressed down on the dark purple and red spot.

John took her fingers off of that spot of his body and slid her fingers in his mouth. He muffled, "nope, that doesn't hurt."

Denise pulled her fingers from his mouth and stuttered,"b-b-because it looks like a hickey and I didn't give you that! Are you s-s-s-sleeping around?"

She pushed him causing him to lose his balance.

John caught himself and said, "Denise! Are you serious right now? "

"I know what a hickey looks like, and I didnt give that too you! Who did!?!"

She grabbed her dress and started to get dressed. "Who is she?"

John turned off the music. "I need you to relax before you get yourself all worked up over nothing. Let me tell you what happened."

" You cheated on me?"

"Stop getting emotional and let me explain. "

She got up and walked into the kitchen. He put his pants back on and finished,"A few nights ago, I went out to the club with my friends and got disgustingly drunk. A girl that I was dancing on kissed me on my chest and I guess she left a hickey. I didn't cheat on you. I told her I had a beautiful girlfriend, and she was cool with it."

"Why was your shirt off?!"

"I took off my shirt cause I was drunk and hot but I still had a white wife beater on."

"You are such full of shit. "

"You need to calm the hell down."

The End

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