Racing RedMature

"I'm sorry, Mr. Beamer, I didn't understand your request." She opened her laptop and looked over John's appointments. 

John smiled, "sorry Tammy, I have the other personal trainers taking over the rest of my appointments tonight."

Tammy, John's receptionist continued, "are you okay?"

John rubbed his head, "I have a lot on mind. I'll be 100% tomorrow. "

Tammy smiled, "you always are. Take care of yourself. "

"Thanks Tammy."

"By the way, I know this isn't my place, Mr. Beamer, but I think your girlfriend is stunning."

John waved, "she is, isn't she. Thanks Tammy, goodnight."

He left the gym, and turned on his music. Sebastian Mikhael Forever played as he walked throughout the streets of Philadelphia. The racing lights of red and white cover every block. The chatter of an active city night life can be heard over his music.

He looked down at his phone and to see a text from Denise:

Denise (7:06pm) "I wish you never let me meet your parents. All these problems spawned from that week in Boston, four months ago.

John (7:08pm) "I regret it too."

He waited for the green light, and finished his text:

John (7:11pm) 

"Are you still upset from earlier? I didn't mean to explode with emotions in the middle of the gym, like that."


Denise (7:11pm) "I guess you had a lot of pint up energy, cause I never saw you like that, in public."

John walked into a grocery store and enter the produce section.

John (7:13pm) "That was wrong of me, I'm sorry. Our business is not the gym's business."

Denise (7:14pm) "Don't worry about it. The message of us, was well received. "

He purchased his groceries and walked back to his car.

John (7:20pm) "Baby, what

 are you doing tonight? Come to my apartment. I c

anceled the rest of  my appointments for the night. We need to be on the same page. Meet me at 10pm."

John proceeded to go home. He drove passed Denise's apartment and went home.

Denise (7:55pm) I'll see you at 10, Mr. Beamer.

John walked into the house with his bag of groceries and smiled at the text. 

At 9:55pm,

John set his dinning room table. Placed a bowl of fresh salad and baked ziti down on the table. He lit a candle in the living room. The sensual aroma of lavender tackled the air.

"I'm so nervous for this." John chuckled, as he spoke to brother on speaker phone. 

Eve chimed in, "I know my sorority sister, don't have any sharp objects around."

They all laughed.

Dan continued, "Just be honest with her and tell her about Nikki."

Eve continued, "what happened?! You didn't cheat did you?"

John finished, "I love her and no, I have history with Nikki though."

Dan replied, "its 10. I hope you guys get resolved. I love you too together."

He looked outside his apartment to see Denise's 2012 navy blue Honda civic pull into the driveway. 

John took a deep breath, "thank you guys. I appreciate it. She is here, I have to set the table."

Dan and Eve yelled, "good luck and be careful. Call us!"

He ran into his bedroom and slid on his blue and white striped dress shirt. Carefully slid his dress pants on. And walked back into the kitchen. He turned on Mariah Carey and Trey Songz's You're Mine.

He felt his heart beat and then the door rang.

Denise wearing a crimson ruched off-the-shoulder bodycon dress with peep toe platform wedge mules was at the door.

"Good Evening." 

"Good Evening, beautiful. Please come in..."

Denise gently walked in, "you cleaned?"

John chuckled, "you noticed."

Denise turned as he closed the door. She walked up and kissed him.

He placed his hands on her lower back and she palmed his face.

She whispered in between, "you are mine, right?"

The End

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