Red DumbbellsMature

"Excuse me, miss?" 

Denise felt a tap on her shoulder, so she unplugged her ear buds. She met eyes with a muscular black man with light brown eyes.

"Oh hey, what's going on?" 

He responded, "if I may, are you working on your arms?"

Denise agreed, he continued, "this machine, will probably give you faster results, only because how its set up."

She put down her weights and followed him to the machine. He pointed to the machine and explained how it works.

Denise smiled, "Thank you. This is my first time at this gym, but this was very helpful."

"Oh, no problemo. I am a regular here. My name is Titus and yours?"

Denise extended her hand, "nice to meet you Titus. My name is Denise."

John interrupted, "and my name is John, nice to meet you both."

Titus laughed and shook John's hand, "Yo, how are you, Mr. CEO?"

Denise placed her ear buds back in her ear, "I'll let you guys catch up. I'll head back to my workout. Nice meeting you Titus. I hope to see you around."

John tried to interrupt but Denise began to walk away. John excused himself from Titus and ran up to Denise.


She turned around, "hello again John." She picked up the dumbbells. 

"Can we talk?!"

Denise took out an ear bud, "Aren't you at work? You didn't want me to reach you at work, right?"

John replied, "you could have said hello? Did you pay to get in here, I can wave the fee."

"You were with a client when I came in. I know you hate when I interrupt you, so I didn't. And I did pay to get in, it doesn't matter."

"It does matter and everytime you called me before, I was with a client or busy. It was always bad timing."  Denise walked away from the mirror, and John followed. "You were once behind me when I started this gym, and you're not now. What happened?"

Denise started to get upset. She put the dumbbells down and started to take off her gloves.

John hesitated, "it's been so hard to talk to you lately! Like what do you want from me?"

Denise turned to him, "I want you back!?"

John stopped and looked around. Denise wiped her tears and walked out. John looked down at the ground.

Denise ran up the steps and ran into the bathroom. She stared at herself in the mirror and watch her body create tears. She opened her locker and grabbed her jacket. She sent a group text letting Drexel and Krescent know that she left. She packed her stuff and left.

She exited the gym and walked across the street. She wiped down the bench and sat down. She tried to get her emotions together as she watch John's gym. A few seconds later, John ran out of his gym. She watched him look down the street and look frantic. She felt her phone rumble.

Her text message read: I love you. Please call me.

The End

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