Two Can TangoMature

She couldn't pull herself away as she allowed her emotions to process.

She cocked her head:

"I think he knows she likes it. He knows I would never come to this gym and he is doing his own thing."

She turned her head sharply and slid on her workout gloves. Drexel followed her. Krescent continued to watch John stretch out one of his clients.

"What are you doing?" Drexel questioned.

Denise started to stretch, "I'm over this, let's get down to business." She pointed at Krescent, "don't worry about him. (She took a deep breath,) you want us to run the track first?"

Krescent agreed, and Drexel continued, "Denise, don't just block him out... but trust your man, he would never hurt you."

Denise started to run on the track, while both Drexel and Krescent let out an heavy sigh.

15 minutes later, All My Love by Ariana Grande and Major Lazor played throughout the gym. Krescent and Drexel started to work on the machines while Denise grabbed heavy dumbbells and stood in front of the mirror.

Denise placed her ear buds in her ears but didn't play music. She looked behind her to see a few muscular men behind her lifting weights. She smiled and stared at herself in the mirror. She began to lift weights. A few minutes in, she shifted her eyes to see if any man was watching her, and they were. 

"This should get his attention. Two can play this game." Denise mumbled to herself.

She turned on her music. Beyonce 7/11 started pumping in her ears.

Drexel laughed out loud. Krescent walked over to her.

"Fool, what are you laughing at?"

Drexel snickered, "Denise is playing games! Look at her lift in front of all them sexy men."

Krescent intrigued, "Yes, dem yummy boys. Yummy men of all shades. I see a sexy Black, Causian, Hispanic, Asian and German. Yum!"

Drexel smiled, "She gonna get John's attention, but she is playing this game. She is determined on working on her body. She's not even feeding into those guys looking at her."

"She does look good. Her body glistening with all that sweat. Just dripping down her luscious curves. Her determination is sexy."

Drexel snapped her fingers, "Bitch, are you gay or nah?"

Krescent wiped his forehead, "I'm gay! Wow! Girl, I think I'm dehydrated. I gotta go."

They both laughed. 

John walked

 up behind them and startled them: 

"Hey guys!"

Krescent and Drexel jumped up. They greeted each other. 

"It looks like you guys worked up a sweat." John chuckled. 

"Not as much as you did." Krescent mumbled.

John looked confused, "what did you say?"

John's client walked up to them.

"Hello everyone." She turned to John, "I'm ready for my next routine. "

Drexel waved to her, "John, are you going to introduce us?"

John hesitated. Drexel introduced Krescent and herself. 

"Oh-h-h! My name is Nikki. John and I used to date."

John looked beyond them and zone out. He mumbled, "is that Denise?"

Krescent smiled, "Yes, that is your girlfriend, Denise."

Nikki turned to watch Denise lift weights, "So, that's her. Hmph."

John grabbed a towel and wiped down his arms. 

"I have never seen Denise at my gym. Why is she here?"

Krescent became defensive,  "Aren't you surprised or happy that your girlfriend is working and paying money to be at your gym?!"

John smiled, "I am surprised that she came but she didn't tell me she was coming."

Drexel replied, "Well we invited her, she needed to get out of the house!"

John turned to Nikki, "just give me a few minutes, I have to go talk to her for a second..."

John tossed the towel down and walked over to her. Drexel and Krescent stood by with Nikki.

The End

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