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It has been four months since we've last seen John and Denise. They are engrossed with the heart of winter in the city of Philadelphia. Dilemmas have arised in their relationship that they weren't ready to acknowledge, which has cause a slight drift. They have preoccupied themselves with everything else excepting the focus of their love.
With their love constantly being confronted with racial tensions, interrogated by past relationships and protested by family, will they be able to persevere?


She laid her body against the hardwood floor. She glanced around her living room and inhaled the combination of youthberry candles and her favorite tea; emperor mist and cloud.

The sensual voice of Anita Baker bounced off the angles of her georgian style apartment. The light flurries of snow pounced off her window panel. She dried her hair with a warm dry towel from the dryer and stared at the ceiling.

"I wonder what he is doing right now? I wonder if he misses me?!" 

She bit her thumb's nail and tossed the towel on her couch.  She rolled over and looked for her cell phone.

"I hear it rumbling, I wonder who is thinking of me..."

Her eyes glazed over her missed text messages. She noticed her gay best friend Krescent, and her sorority sister Drexel both trying to get her attention. She stood up and walked into her bedroom. She replied to both text messages:

"Are yall still at the gym? I think I'll meet you both there. I'll be there in 20 minutes. "

She slid on her neon yellow yoga pants. She put on a black hoodie with matching shoes and reebok hat. She put on her winter jacket, tossed her phone, keys and headphones in her pocket and took off.

It's been a while since Denise has allowed herself to catch up with her own thoughts. She has dived into her work and hasn't taken a breath since.

"Well, looky looky! Look who decided to leave her coffee embedded rock!" He snapped her out of her day dream. She looked down as she locked her front door.

Denise smiled, "hey Cj. It has been awhile. How are you?"

Cj licked his lips, "I'm good, baby girl. You look pretty today. I would highlight my textbook with you, girl."

Denise flutter her eyes and giggled "thank you! I am actually on my way to the gym, to keep this body toned."

Cj wiped his bottom lip. Denise's eyes watched his lips. Cj continued, "we should chill some day. Girl, you know I'm capital."

Denise smirked, "and so is my boyfriend. Have a good night Cj."

Denise ignored him and kept walking. She briskly walked a few blocks. She noticed Drexel's car was parked next to John's. She became excited. She opened the door to the gym off of Chesnut Street, in the central part of Philadelphia. 

She signed in and ran up the steps. She was instantly greeted by a sweaty Drexel and Krescent. Body Language by Kid Ink and Usher played throughout the gym.

"Hey Babycakes!" Krescent smiled.

Drexel finished, "you ready to tackle this cardio with me?"

Denise agreed, "yeah, let's go. Have you seen John?"

Krescent changed the subject, "let's hit the track, then elliptical, then suicides."

Denise replied, "why did you make that face? And then change the subject?"

Drexel mentioned, "John is...busy." She pointed off the balcony.

Denise walked over to the balcony, "John knows I love him. We had a little argument, but we are still together. Stop making me feel like he broke up with me!"

She looked over the balcony to see John stretching a woman in a sexual position.

"They are just stretching right?" Denise stumbled, "that's part of his job right?"

Her insecurities started to become apparent. She looked nervous. Krescent and Drexel didn't know how to address it.

Krescent grabbed Denise, "he is a personal trainer. Let's just work on your routine."

Denise snapped back to watch him, "I didn't know this argument was going to get this big. I would have just kept quiet."

Drexel and Krescent tried to grab her attention and distract her.

Drexel quickly said, "did you hear that Eve is with Dan now, like officially. It has only been about three months since we left Boston. I am so happy for them."

Denise watched intensely, "that bitch is enjoying this! You can see it in her eyes. She is going to try to kiss him. I know it!"

Krescent grabbed her arm again, "Denise relax! He is doing his job and girl, you are getting loud."

Denise cringed as the woman got closer, "OMG!"

The End

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