Carlos's ArrivalMature

According to eyewitnesses, the appearance of the jeep had caused quite a stir. Headlights on, engine running, it had attracted the suspicion of a party of villagers who went out to investigate. One closer inspection, it was revealed that there was a man inside. He was looking down at a light in his lap - this puzzled the elder villagers for a time, but it was eventually determined that this was a smartphone, its blue light exposing distinct Latino features and brown skin. They relayed that there was a paper cup of coffee on the dashboard to the proper authorities, who tracked the distinctive logo, a blatant rip-off of a major multinational chain, down to a street cafe in Pasay, where the vehicle had, until recently, been on display at a dealership on the edge of the city. It was bought for two million, seven hundred thousand pesos. A little more than the asking price. Paid in cash.

The End

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