Jayden stayed with the crowd longer than he needed too. He felt a primal need rush over him to leave the mission as he broke from the crowd into an alley. Usually Jayden loved this feeling: revenge, dark, powerful. It let him do things that no one else seemed to do even in the worst circumstances imaginable, but that was his training. 'Go and find him.' A dark part of him whispered. There was no reason for him to do this other than the need.

He leaned against the wall of the building trying to talk himself out of this crazy change of planes. 'If you don't do this mission the US will have your head. But if you do the mission Iraq will have your head...' There was no good option here and he knew, it never failed that he had to choose between the US and Iraq. Jayden had made up his mind, he wasn't going to do it, but not because of Iraq, he wanted to find the rat that spread the rumors.

A dark spark flared in Jayden's steel gray eyes as he pushed off the wall and cut back into the crowd. The best place to start would be the black market with Abdul-Qahhar, someone he had known his whole life. He shut his mind off to keep it from wondering or over reacting, letting his sight and hearing take over as he cut down side streets to the black market.

Honestly, to him the black market might as well have been any other street in this city. Civilians ran around with guns and gun fire was a common sound, it was loud and busy, fights broke out all the time and usually ended with a dead body in the street which people would simply step over. Jayden pushed his way through the crowd when it would stop for one reason or another, he didn't care.

Abdul-Qahhar was in the same place he always was and smiled when he saw Jayden. "We need to talk." Jayden said dryly. He watched Abdul-Qahhar frown, when Jayden demanded they speak English it wasn't good. With only a nod from him, Jayden walked down the street and sat on a bench. Abdul-Qahhar wasn't but maybe 24, five years older than him, but he had a life Jayden wanted. Not so much breaking the law to make money but to have that option.

Jayden wasn't happy with sitting out in the open for the ten minutes it took his informant to arrive, but he knew it couldn't be helped. "I ran into my brother just as we were entering the city." Jayden crossed his arms and Abdul-Qahhar sat, opening a magazine, his movement of turning the page was off. "Who else did you tell?"

"I told no one Jayden, you have my word on that." Abdul-Qahhar glanced at him.

"I have no reason to believe you same as I have no reason not to believe you." Jayden sighed.

"When you chose the United States over us, everything that goes wrong gets blamed on you." Abdul-Qahhar glared, "That is nothing to smirk about Jayden Miller. Some stupid kid could have seen your guys coming and called it in. Maybe one of your informants stabbed you in the back."

"That is what you are AQ," Jayden glared, "my informant."

"No, I'm your friend."

Jayden stayed silent for several minutes and had an uneasy look upon his face. He did not have friends, yeah he used the word for people but that was because Americans had this weird issue with the phrase 'some that I know' vs 'friend'. "Even so, you are the only that I talked to about this mission, you are the one that gave me the dates and time."

"Damn it Jayden," He growled raising his voice a little, "I'm not the only who knew about it. Your brother probably assumed that you would be involved."

Jayden got up and grabbed his arm pulling him into a building. "Hush, I can not get caught." Abdul-Qahhar muttered sorry. "Yeah, me too." That got a little smile from his 'friend' but that was not what Jayden meant.

He didn't believe him, and he was good at reading people. Jayden smiled and put his hand on his shoulder as a distraction then stepped out of the way. "I know you have a business to run AQ."

"That I do kid," Abdul-Qahhar reached to give Jayden a hug and Jayden let him. He tensed slightly and closed his eyes as he pulled a knife from its holder on his belt loop in the same time he was reaching to return the hug. It was a swift and effortless move for Jayden to sever the Carotid arty when they both pulled back.

Jayden caught him before he hit the floor out of habit. He couldn't look into AQ's eyes even though he was reaching up. He had no doubt the man was confused by what was happening. It would be a quick death but this time was different. Jayden felt something and he didn't realize what it was until his friend died a few minutes later.

He felt bad, evil, wrong. He had killed men, women, and children of all age and never felt this. He felt sick, jumping up only to slip on the blood that was pooled in the floor and all over him. He got back up slower but pushed through the door to the outside. The sun was baking and suddenly Jayden got sick, throwing up where he stood.

A voice rang through the silence he felt. "Well well little brother, what have you done now."  He glanced up to see Malik smirking then everything went black.

The End

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