Angel of Death

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*Not enough room in the bio for background info as I have not written a storyline for it.*

The country of Iraq knew it was going to need a stronger military in the years to come. They started a project, the ISSP (Iraqi Super Soldier Project) code name 'GoForth'. The theory was that by raising a child between the ages of a year and two-years-old to teach them the ways of the military, you would be able to take advantage of a child's mental capacity to learn and create the perfect soldier under optimized conditions. Out of thousands of children that they tried this with only about a dozen made it through all the training. Jayden Miller, the name given to the boy so he could not be traced through any adoption agency, was the first to survive mentally and physically.

Unfortunately for Iraq, the cost of previous wars forced them to make a hard decision and risk exposing the ISSP. At the time all they had was Jayden so they weren't as concerned about exposing the project as they would be at a later date. When the boy turned seven he was sold to the United States under strict terms. The US agreed all terms once they realized how valuable of a tool this kid was going to be off the books.


Winter was always ruff; it gets extremely cold at night. Jayden sighed looking into the scope of his rifle at the house. A cloud of breath floated threw the air; tonight it was very cold, negative four degrees Fahrenheit, and totally quiet. Jayden had been sitting in the same spot for at least five hours, his body was aching and stiff.

His target hadn’t been confirmed to this location but he would wait as long as he had to so he could complete the mission. This man was a moderately ranked official of the country of Iraq, but needless to say he was a bad guy and had to be stopped.

Jayden was trying to ignore the cold that was biting at him. The wind was blowing his bangs into his eyes, aggravated he blew his hair out of the way and placed his eye closer to the scope. He could have been doing something else tonight, what he didn't know because it wasn't like he had a life. He held back a sigh, 'happy 18th to yourself'. For a moment he wondered if he should change positions but it was probably just his mind telling his body he needed to move. The top of the hill was the best vantage point by far.

A light in the main room of the house came on. Jayden lifted his head catching something odd out of the corner of his other eye. He saw two men walk up beside the house getting as close to the wall as they could before sneaking to the back door. He had a bad feeling down in the pit of his stomach. He readjusted his rifle to get a better view of the window and what might happen but the light in the room went out.

He held his breath at the movement of the curtains and saw his target pull them apart, starring out into the night. His target crossed his arms as Jayden started setting up his shot. The man was talking to someone; Jayden guessed it was the two guys he saw a few seconds ago.

He knew could get the shot off then make a run for it before the other two men could find him. He paused when one of the men stepped in front of the window, the other one stepped behind his target. Jayden cussed silently to himself when he jumped as the sound of a gun ringing through the silent night.

He didn’t hesitate as he re-adjusted his shot. He fired twice, both bullets accurate and deadly as the two unwelcome visitors fell to the floor in what seemed like that same instant the window shattered from his bullet. He sat there for a minute then pushed his stiff body off of the ground and forced his muscle to work as he went down the hill towards the house. Jayden broke into a light job, his eyes constantly looking around and pulled out hispistol as he got to the back door. He hadn’t shot his target, the visitors had, so his mission wasn’t over. Unless he could confirm the death of his target, he couldn’t leave.

He slowly opened the back door – if anyone else was in the house Jayden would have the advantage coming in the back under normal circumstances. There was nowhere of an enemy to hide between the kitchen and the living-room at a quick glance. He walked across the marble floor of the kitchen and into a small hallway that lead to the main room. He raised his gun as he went into the living room.

First he checked for identification on the two visitors but found nothing. Something in the back of his mind was telling him to check the rest of the house but Jayden was ready to get back to base. He walked over to his target, he wasn’t dead. The only good thing, his was bleeding badly.

The man blinked at Jayden then smiled. “Thank you,” He said his voice sounding raspy as he spoke in Arabic. “You saved my life.”

Jayden didn’t make a move to help the man. He wasn’t used to being told thank you – for anything that he did – but this man didn’t understand that if the visitors hadn't shot him, he would have. Only difference would have been that he would be dead right now instead of dieing.

“Are you an Angel?” The man asked.

Jayden smirked at the thought. ‘After all of the sins you have committed old man. No, I’m not an angel I’m the devil.’ But he couldn’t bring himself to say it out loud. “Yes” Jayden spoke, offering a comforting smile, “I’m the Angel of Death and your time has come.”

The man smiled as Jayden quickly raised his gun and fired a shot into his chest. The man went completely still, his head fell to the side. Now his mission was done.

The End

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