9. Escaping for Dummies

I nodded at Ellie as I grabbed Emma, who was playing with her chubby little fists, concentrating intently on clenching them and un-clenching. I rolled my eyes at her and followed Ellie through all of the holes we used to get into our little hiding place.

 I pushed Emma up and onto the grass above us, and pulled myself out after. I dusted myself off, lifted Emma into my arms, and followed Ellie, who was running very quickly, but as gracefully as an eagle in mid flight. My run was just as graceful, yet-- somehow, it was slower. It took a lot of effort to catch up (of course, Emma hiding my eyes with her tiny hands and giggling didn't help, though it was very cute...)

 Ellie threw herself into my home, and came out with things floating above her. Literally; she had a bed, a cot, a chest of drawers, clothes, a closet, a sofa, a fridge, oven and food floating above her head, moving with her. She laughed at my dumb-founded expression. She ran on, and I followed her, trying not to look at the things above her head; they freaked me out. What if they fell on her?

 I spent the rest of the run inside my head, leaving my feet to do the work, and falling into my mind. After a while, Ellie stopped, causing me to come to an abrupt halt. She fiddled around with the grass of the field we were in, until she grabbed something that I couldn't see. She whispered 'Anataki' to her hands, and a rope slowly faded into existence in her grip. She yanked on the rope, and the floor opened up, revealing stairs, and an artificial light at the bottom of a very well decorated tunnel.

The End

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