8. We Are Waiting. Now What?

So, we waited for what seemed like hours, though hours seemed such a small amount of time compared to my long, dreary life. I drummed my fingers on my knee, bored as Hell.

 "You're allowed to talk, y'know. They can't hear us." Ellie exclaimed. I got up and walked toward Emma, who had her back to us.

 "Emma? Are you okay?" I asked, placing my hand gently on her shoulder. She turned around, and bared two sets of fanged teeth, and crimson red eyes.

 "Whoa!" I yelped, jumping backward.

 "Oh no! Ektropí Evil!" Ellie shouted, forming claws with her hands. White liquid erupted from her fingertips, and whipped at Emma, who fell backwards. When she rose again, she was back to normal, smiling. Her hair was a bit ruffled, but she was otherwise fine.

 "Whu-what was that?" I shouted, walking slowly toward Ellie,

 "Emma is- was- a dæmon. I diverted the evil from her, but it will come again, so be wary for a special mark. It looks like a star at first glance, but it's en eye with traingular eyelashes. Be very wary. The mark is called a 'Dimoni'. It's Catalan for Demon. Please do not let anything with that mark touch her. It can only take form of living things, so be especially wary for humans or animals. I will be with you to help, but still be careful." Ellie explained. She sniffed the air, then looked up. Pulling out a necklace, she uttered the word 'vaim', then turned all see-through, like a ghost. You could only see a white outline of her features.

 She slowly floated up to the ceiling, then travelled easily through it, as if it wasn't there. All I could see were her feet. After a couple of minutes, she came back down.

 "It's safe now." She said as colour slowly faded back into her, and she became less transparent.

The End

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