7. Oh, God Damn People

"Don't breathe," Ellie whispered, pure panic shining in her eyes. I nodded, and wrapped my hand over Emma's mouth, stopping her from talking. Her panicked eyes bore into me, sending shivers of panic for her through my dead, cold body.

 I couldn't move. It was like her eyes had hypnotised me into a mobile state. It was like when I was in Ellie's spell, but I felt relaxed like this.

 Suddenly, light flooded into our little hide-away. I grabbed Emma, and looked toward where Ellie would've been, but she wasn't there. I frowned, and realised that she had made another hole in the floor (well, the second floor). We all jumped down, and Ellie used a spell to cover the hole up. I used my speed and strength to make the hole bigger again, as Ellie was wiping something on the closed-up hole. It was some purple liquid, which looked gooey and...well, disgusting.

 "Prostatépste" she uttered the words, causing the purple liquid to glow red, then soak into the mud. The whole ceiling glowed with a white light that was a substitute for a proper light.

 "Whoa, how did you do that?" I exclaimed. Ellie laughed,

 "Well it was meant to protect the ceiling so that no-one can break through it, but sometimes spells leave a light after it; it's leftover light from the dimension which I enter to summon the spells." She explained. I shrugged and sat down on the ground.

 "What now?" I asked Ellie.

 "Now, we wait." She said.

The End

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