6. Uh-Oh; What an Understatement...

I saw Ellie's eyes widen as she pushed me out into the back garden. She touched my shoulder, and sent me flying towards the forest. It should've hurt... but it didn't. I landed safely on a soft bush. I brushed myself down, ready to flit back to the mansion to snatch Emma away, but then I saw Ellie running toward me with Emma with her. She mouthed me the words 'hide'. I punched a ten foot hole in the ground, and jumped down it. Ellie and Emma followed. I started to dig a larger hole, as Ellie created a fire out of nothing. I notices her eyes glowing purple; a brighter purple than her hair, which I also noticed had flecks of pink it it.

 "They shouldn't be able to sense us for a while. They'll leave before the smell gets to them." Ellie exclaimed, still clutching Emma.


 "Wiccas from the VAA-- or the 'Vampire Assassination Association'-- can smell any vampire. It's a gift we were given." She said, placing Emma on a seat that was slowly forming out of nothing. Emma laughed and clapped.

 "Oh, well can't you just explain tha-"

 "I haven't killed you yet. Therefore, they must kill me on sight. We live a hard life, but we have to look out for traitors." She said, shrugging.

 "Oh..." I said. Ellie looked down at Emma again.

 "I wish my family was here. It was so long since I had one. Emma reminds me so much of my sister, Jess. She looks just like her- uh, I mean, looked." Ellie said mournfully, "I had a big family, with a happy mum and dad, and one sister. A vampire killed them all. I couldn't believe it. I didn't know where to go, until I was found by the wiccas of the VAA. They took me in, and trained me to be a wicca. I am now very strong; I am amongst the most powerful in the clan. I am looking for revenge on vampires, and I just hope that one day, I get to kill the bastard that did this to my family. T-to my sister." She said, turning away from me and Emma.

 "That's terrible!" I said, just before I heard voices above us, muffled by the layer of mud that was the line that separated us from the ground above.

 They were here...

The End

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