5. Death. I Would Welcome It Now.

I gathered all the strength I could muster to move. I forced myself out of the invisible force field around me, and dived onto the girl, pinning her to the ground. I grabbed her by the throat again, and threw her through the ceiling before she had a chance to use magic.

 Kneeling down, I gathered enough power to jump through the hole. My aiming was perfect, and I rolled along the floor, rebounded of the wall, and pounced fiercely onto the girl, who had just gotten up. I growled, and held her hands down so she couldn't move or do any spells.

 "Who are you? I'm asking kindly, 'cause... well, I have no reason. I'm just like that." The girl scowled at me, but relaxed as she slipped from my grip, and stood by the wall.

 "My name's Ellie. I'm a wicca, and I'm here to kill you." She said simply. She said it as if it was normal. To me, it sorta was...

 "Okay. Why, may I ask?" I inquired, going to sit on the floor by the wall. I leant my hands on my raised knees. She shrugged.

 "Well, I don't know if you know this, vamp, but killing humans isn't very nice; and the good people of the mystical world don't take kindly to murder." She replied, scowling again.

 "Wait, but I've never killed anyone before." I countered. She looked shocked.

 "B-but our records showed that you've killed over a thousand huma-" She'd gotten out a phone-like object, and gasped. Frowning, she looked closer to the screen. Then she looked up at me, biting her bottom lip.

 "Listen, I'm sorry." She sighed, giving herself time to prepare for explaining this to me.

 "What's going on here?" I asked, getting up slowly. I frowned, confused as I slowly drifted toward her. She didn't seem to take much notice of my proximity. She obviously wasn't as scared any more.

 "Well, this is very embarrassing, but my... well I guess you could call it a cult-- well they've mixed you with another vampire, and now they're all after your head for killing a town full of people." She explained in one breath.

 "But... I didn't."

 "Yes, and that's the problem." She replied, throwing her hands in the air. Getting up, she grabbed my hand and jumped stealthily through the hole I made in the attic floor. I followed through, graceful as ever.

 "We need to hide. Is there anywhere we can hide?" she asked before an attack of knocks rapped on my door. Uh-oh...

The End

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