4. I Don't Like This Life Any More

"Emma? Whu-what are they, fangs? I'm a vampire and even I don't have fangs!" I exclaimed, carefully moving her head so that I could see better. Emma shrugged, and smiled, as she fell backwards into the comfy leather sofa.

 "I was bowrn with these tooths." She explained, smiling cutely, and yawning. I decided I could ask her about the fangs tomorrow, I mean it would've been pretty hypocritical if I kept her up asking about fangs. I was a vampire, for God's sake...

 I was just lifting Emma up to take her to her bed, when a window crashed in, sending shards of glass slicing through the air towards me. Towards Emma...

 I twisted my body so that my back was facing the glass, instead of Emma. I didn't have much time to put Emma down, so I flitted to the window, grabbing whoever was there, and threw them across the house to the coffee table in the living room.

 I did a cartwheel flip over the sofa, dropping Emma safely into it before speeding on toward the attacker. Grabbing them by the throat, I yanked them against the wall before ripping off their mask. I gasped.

 It was a woman, with black hair except for the two strands framing her face, which were a deep purple. She had  dark eyes, and she was half-smiling probably in anticipation. She grabbed my hair, and flipped over me, lobbing me in the air. She tore off her black gloves, and held her hands toward me, stopping me in mid air. I was able to move, or do anything but move my eyes.

 Who. Was. She?

The End

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