3. She's Not Normal Anymore

Emma ran up to the house, her face expressing her utter excitement. She turned toward me, her mouth hanging open, and her eyes sparkling with delight. I laughed as I walked at a graceful human pace toward her. Grabbing her hand, I led her into the house.

 "You will be living here from now on, Emma. But you musn't breathe a word to anyone about my...powers." I explained as I unlocked the door in one swift movement.

 "I'm going to be living here?" Emma echoed, her face a mask of shock. I nodded, smiling down at her tiny face.

 I pulled her through the door, and started showing her around the house. I showed her the front room, with its long, leather sofa, and the huge LCD TV on a mahogany coffee table.

 Next, I showed her my room; the only room with a carpet, which was very soft, and comfortable, and a nice cream colour. I also had a leather sofa with a pull out bed, and loads of stacks of CDs.

 After that, I showed her  to her room; the only room with a proper bed-- which was a nice one at that. It had a purple net surrounding it, hung from four wooden pillars protruding from each corner of the bed. It was taken from the home of my (late) sire, Marie.

 Emma loved her room, even though we hadn't decorated it yet.

 It wasn't until later that I realised that wasn't that normal. She was quite intelligent, fast and strong for her age. But the most obvious abnormality were the two fangs protruding from the space where her canines should have been. 

The End

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