2. The Little Girl Who Changed My Life

I crouched down to the girl's height.

 "What's your name, kid?" I asked in the kindest, soothing voice I could muster.

 "M-my name is Emma." She replied with a lisp, still pouting, and looking up at me with puppy-dog eyes.

 "Okay, Emma. I'm going to take you to my house. It's a very big house, and you'll like it. I am going to look after you, and I need you to trust me, okay?" I said, raising my eyebrows as I waited for an answer. She nodded, as a strand of hair fell over her eye. She used her whole hand to swipe it away.

 I went to life her up, as she held her hands out straight toward me. I took her in my arms.

 "Brace yourself." Was all I said. She nestled her head in my shoulder as I sped off through the dark back alleys, toward my mansion.

 My house was very big, but it looked very modern. It looked nothing like a castle, though it was the size of one. It was made up of one huge block. Most of the walls were windows, and the panelling was all black, and a metal-type material. It was all very open and big, and the whole front and back wall was a window. You could see the stairs, which wound round and ended at a balcony which led to the rooms. most of the floors were faux wood. There was a huge piano on the balcony, which had a glass wall on the edge, to stop anyone from falling to the ground floor.

 Next to the stair-area was the dining room which had white walls, a huge, basic black table with tall stools surrounding it. The flooring was the same as most of the rest of the house. There was a huge plasma-screen TV in the corner. That was all you could see from the outside, which was mostly gravel, except from the circle of grass that surrounded the water fountain in the middle of the garden. The house was closed off from most of the city by hedges that were neat, but just tall enough to hide the house. 

 Next to the house was a big forest, which was separated from my mansion by a small slowing stream, which looked beautiful in the summer.

 Emma's face lit up.

The End

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