Jay Hale: A Completely Out Of Context Story That Has Nothing To Do With Anything in His Life. At All.

Like the title? This is basically a story about Jay Hale, but the only thing in this story that is the same is that he is a vampire. He never went to Vampire Mansion, and never met The Shadow (Asha)

I hate weekdays. They're so busy. People-- humans, prowling around the town, making it almost impossible to be stealthy. Especially in hunting mode.

 I was crouched down on the edge of a skyscraper, looking ninety-five point three feet down at the mindless, worthless beings, going about their business, running around, doing errands; being stressed or having fun. Nothing real. No emotions. I'm dead and I have more of a life than them.

 I decided I was bored, so I leant forward, and curved over the edge of the building, letting myself fall gracefully in a diving position. I flipped into a standing position just in time to skid down a diagonal bar, protruding from the building.

 I somersaulted off of the bar, and free-fell, not even needing to look where I was falling. I had aimed before I jumped off. I sliced through the air as quickly as a bullet, but as gracefully as an eagle. I closed my eyes, and breathed in the crisp night air. It felt like hours that I fell, but it only took one point three seconds. But that was just cause of vampire speed. A human would've taken minutes.

 I landed on my feet, as agile as a cat, behind a wheelie bin. A small girl ran into the alleyway I had landed in, followed by two men who were chasing her.

 I hated kidnappers. I love kids, but I hate kidnappers more than I love children.

 I ran with a graceful yet  speedy pace until I was in front of the two men. They crashed into me, and fell backwards. The girl grabbed my legs, holding on tightly. Holding on for her life.

 "You know what I think of you?" I spat the words at them. "I think that you should be burnt on the stake. What you were going to do to this child was inexplicable. I don't know why you wanted to do it. but let's pretend you did. So I can punish you." I smiled-- no, leered at them.

 I was invisible with speed when I attacked them. It took all of four seconds to have them out cold, in a heap by the bin. I didn't kill them. I didn't want to be like them.

 I looked at the girl. She had chocolate brown, curly hair which hung in small ringlets above her shoulders. Her eyes were a shade lighter than her hair, and they were big. Her eyelashes accentuated the colour and shape of her eyes. Her skin was fair, except from her rosy cheeks. Her lips were small, and pouting. She looked up at me with puppy-dog eyes. Pleading with me. She only looked about three.

 "Pwease. Help me! mummy and daddy went and no-now they wont come back! Help me pwease!"

 I decided to take her in.

The End

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