Jay Bird-Chapter 1: First EncounterMature

Chapter 1: First Encounter

I was sixteen when I first met Jay Carmichael in the high school library. He was reading his science text book, every few seconds scribbling something on a piece of lined paper that sat next to the book in a deep black fountain pen. He was bobbing his head, and I noticed red headphones over his ears. There was something different about Jay, I noticed it right away. Many people would describe his style as goth, punk or maybe even to the extent of emo. I had heard about him many times throughout the school, about how he was a freak, a weirdo, and many other cruel things. Even my friends, whom I knew had never seen him, accused him of smoking, selling and pushing illegal drugs. Yet, when I looked at him, I didn’t notice his different clothing style, or even the red marks on his forearms. Instead, I noticed an adorable boy who had to blow hair out of his eyes. He had a cute, almost infantile grin over his perfect lips, pursing them every now and then as he read. I remember the first conversation that we ever had. Upon seeing him, I wandered over to his table and pulled out the chair across from him.

“May I sit here?” I asked, setting my books down.

He looked up at me with those sweet, drooped eyes and biting his lip. The stud on his nose twitched as he nodded, looking back at his page.

“Thanks,” I said, cracking open my own history text. He kept glancing up at me, continuously brushing his hair out of his eyes, and at last he spoke.

“I’m Jay,” he said, pulling off his headphones and extending his hand.

“Candace,” I said, shaking it.

“Nice to meet you,” he said with a nod.

“You, too,” I replied, his intense gaze burning into my own suddenly self-conscious eyes.

He blushed scarlet and hurriedly looked back to his book. After what seemed to be an eternity, the warning bell rang out. I sighed and started packing up my history, of which I had accomplished nothing of it. Just before the second bell went, Jay looked up at me and asked, “Would you want to go out with me?”

The End

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