"What are you doing out so late?"

The sound of his voice behind me made me gasp. I quickly turned around, but saw no one. The full moon came out from behind the clouds, making the snow glitter before me. I hung my head, assuming it was just a memory. He left 5 years ago, hes not coming back. I had to always remind myself of that. 


I turned around again, frightnened by the nickname I hadn't heard in so long. I felt my pulse quicken. 


I tried to call out his name but all it did was come out as a whisper. I looked around at the trees, trying to catch a glimpse of something, someone. I felt someone touch my wrists behind me and I froze. 

"Hello, Lyra." 

I turned around slowly, and I couldn't believe it was him. My cheeks flushed as I looked into his deep, brown eyes. His hair was still the same, tossled black hair I remembered. He was looking into my eyes as I looked at him. He had grown about a foot taller than the last time I had saw him and his physique changed. I could see the outline of muscles under his black vest.  "

"It's you," was all I could manage to say.

He picked up my hand gently, then pulled me in close.  It felt like my heart was ready to jump at him. I wondered if he could feel it. He wrapped his arms around me, and I felt the sting of tears forming in my eyes. A million questions surged into my head. I pushed him from me. He looked startled and confused.

"Why did you leave me?", my words formed a white puff in front of me.

"I had to," he said, turning to his side.

"Don't do this..."

"Don't do what? I have been living for years, lost and broken. I was only 13. I didn't know how to heal my own heart." 

"Don't do this...please."

He turned toward me, and his eyes were filled with torment. I felt an ache in my heart and looked away. It still hurt to see him in pain. The wind blew through the trees, creating an eerie whistle. I looked back up. His eyes were still locked on me. A shiver went down my entire body.

"Are you cold?" he asked.

"No, I'm fine." I said quietly.

Jay took off his dark cape and tied it around me.

"You look good in black," he said, smirking.

He lifted my chin up, forcing me to look into his eyes again. They changed from pain to lust before he kissed me, tenderly. The familiar taste of his lips made me melt and loose all thoughts from when he left me. I kissed him harder, as I lost myself completely. He picked me up, and carried me somewhere. I didn't realize this until he pulled away. The forest completely changed and I saw a little hut off in the distance. I had never been in this part of the forest and quickly wondered why I had never. 

"Is this where you've been for five years?" 

"I could never go too far from you, Blue. "

The End

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