Jasper looked away sadly, remembering.He and Matt were swinging on the monkey bars when they were only 8.Matt and Jasper were twins,except they were very different from eachother.

Matt had fallen off the monkey bars and hit his head...the wrest was just a blur.A faded memory of Jasper’s lost brother,Matt.

Jasper and Matt were brothers.But they were also best friends,untill Matt ran away two years ago.It was Halloween.People thought that 16-year-old Matt got kidnapped,but Jasper thought otherwise.

Jasper shut his eyes tight,trying not to remember the painful past that he and his brother both shared,long ago.But the memory was to strong.Jasper opened his tearfilled eyes and sat on the rusty,old,swing,remembering the memory that was faded...but this time as he remembered,the memory felt stronger and useless.


Jasper’s father had always been abusive,but he was worse that day. When Matt hit his head. They came home to find their father, drunk on the couch… when Matt had blood gushing from his forehead. Jasper’s father sent Matt to his room with a wet face cloth, so he didn’t have to see Jasper get beat up. His father claimed that he needed a little sense beat into him.
The next morning, Jasper had a broken arm and three broken ribs. When you’re 8, you would think it’s normal, but Jasper didn’t. After the next three beatings, Jasper called the kid’s help phone, and they took his father away the next morning. Leaving the 2, now 9-year-olds, alone.
--—————end of flashback—————-

Jasper felt the moisture brim over his eyes. His bast.ard of a father was getting out of jail. Tomorrow. But there was no chance he would be found. He hoped. Just then, Jasper’s cell phone rang. “Hello?” Jasper spoke into the phone. “Jasper?” A rough voice spoke on the other line. “Jasper, this is your brother. It’s Matt.” Jasper wasn’t sure how much time went by before he dropped his cell. That couldn’t be… Matt was reported dead, a few months ago. But how could Jasper’s dead brother be calling him. There is only one possibility: Matt wasn’t dead. Jasper’s breathing got heavier, as he started to cry.

The End

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