The Deal

Boris's gang draged him to his fort under a big oak tree. the fort was dark, damp and smelly there was something wrong. "ok" boris said with a sly grin on his face "give me the jewel!"

"never, belongs to my father i ruel the wood i'm the king" jasper shouted.

"hmmm, let me say that again give me the jewel or i will kill your family right before your little baby eyes then kill you! got that!"

"you have my family are the ok"

"o there fine. the jewel! before you start crying and needing a nappy change the jewel"

" no never" boris scracted his face. blood fall down his face.

" now or your dead! and i mean IT!"

"ok here you go just let me see my family." boris snached the jewel out of his paw.

" ok you can see your family folow me" there was somthing sly in his voice. he lead jasper outside. " over there" jasper look he was shoked they where all there just lying there dead. " no you didnt you couldnt"

"i didnt, look over there" he pionted. there was a fat man with a smoking gun around his shoulder. he had a yapping spaniel by his side. "now go before i push you up near that fat man" tears ran down his face he was not in a mood for a fight so he ran. jasper new now he must train and get the jewel back so he can be king.

The End

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