the fight

Boris ran into the center of the wood, right near the tree where Jasper was hiding. He called out slyly,

"Jaa-sper! I know you're here somewhere! Come out, come out Jas-per! Oh, don't be scared, I won't hurt you! I just have your family back in my fort. So, why don't you come out and we can talk" Boris paused, waiting for an answer. "Too scared to negotiate, Jasper? Well, why don't you come out and fight like a real fox then?! Or, are you really just a large squirrel? Huh?"

Jasper couldn't take the taunting anymore. He jumped out of his hole, ready to ambush Boris wherever he was. Jasper hesitated then leaped onto Boris' turned back. Boris yelled and tried to shake Jasper off. Jasper clinged on to that brown fur, slashing out with his paws. The followers of Boris closed in, Jasper took one last blow at Boris then left his back, retreating to his tree. Boris followed him, Jasper kicked out at Boris, punching him in the face, tearing at his fur and lashing out on his legs. Then he was pulled away from all directions by Boris' followers, and dragged away from Boris.

"Take him to our fort," Boris said, attending to his scratches. "Time to show him who's boss."

The End

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