Spit on it.

I got an urge to spit on it, to show it just how highly I thought of Mr. Greater-than-thou. It was silly, of course; it was only a statue, but the message was the same, and I felt better having accomplished my task.

I began gathering my luggage to retreat indoors from the rain when someone bumped into me from behind, causing me to scrap my arm against the stone base of the statue.

            "Ow! Watch where you're going you-" I felt a hand dangerously high on my thigh. Thank goodness for karate, I thought as I round-house kicked whoever was behind me, not caring who it was.  I knew my kick had the intended affect when I heard whoever was behind me groan loudly. I turned around and saw a surprisingly attractive boy clutching his sides and slowly dropping to the ground.

            "Well, I hope you've learned your lesson. It's impolite to touch girls, especially girls who unhappy about the fact they were just enrolled in an all boys academy and have a black belt." I said primly. I was about to walk away when I saw a group of two more boys come out from behind a wall laughing.

            "Wow you hit him right in the stomach! You're pretty good for a girl," said the tallest boy in the group. His stunning orange hair (the term is "red head," but I had never seen someone with naturally red hair, so I refused to use that name) stood out against the pale sky and the dull gray uniforms of Trenton Academy. 'Pretty good for a girl'!? I thought to myself.

The End

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