Jasper Academy

You control sixteen-year-old Alex, who is accidentally enrolled in an all boy's school overseas, despite being a girl. Hilarity ensues.
A kind of choose your own adventure, but this one focuses on which boy you'd end up dating. So, strongly recommended for girls, but if a guy feels up for it, more power to ya! :) Modeled much like a "Who Would You Fall For" quiz, which were stories/quizzes that had a very popular run on the site Quizilla.

     I turned on my iPod and cranked it up to the maximum volume, actually hoping I would blow out my ear drums.  The world always seems to become a little better with background music, even if the songs are loud and obnoxious.  Alright, maybe the earth doesn't become nicer every time someone switches on an mp3 (or else we'd already have achieved world peace), but it does obscure all the pessimistic thoughts flying around in your head.  I flipped through some playlists looking for a good song to play when the taxi came to a screeching halt, sending me flying forward into the seat in front of me.

     "Ow! Give me a little warning next time you decide to test whether or not your seat belts will really hold passengers in their seats," I said with hopefully enough malice to let the driver know I wasn't happy about the prospect of breaking through the windshield.  The man just nodded in my direction.  What kind of apology is that!? Have people really become so lazy they can't even open their mouths and make sound?  I turned my attention toward the car window so the taxi driver didn't see my growing distaste for him.  Despite how warm and sunny it had been all day, I could see big rainclouds gathering on the horizon.  I heard the driver getting out of the car and turned to see what he was doing.

      "Sir, this isn't my stop," I said, getting out of the taxi myself. The driver opened the trunk then turned to face me.

      "You're going to Jasper Academy, right?  It's a very private school, and unauthorized vehicles aren't allowed on school property.  You'll just have to walk," he informed me, with an almost sympathetic glance at the rapidly approaching storm clouds.  I was slightly dazed by his accent (I've always been a sucker for British boys) but quickly looked out at the road so he wouldn't see my staring.  I peered down the sidewalk and could just make out large, black gates marking the entrance to the academy on the horizon.

      "You really expect me to walk there?  I can't even see the school from here!  Surely you can drive a little closer?" The driver ignored my desperate pleas and finished unloading my luggage.

      "There's nothing I can do about it," he said with an apologetic tone, although I could tell he was getting pretty fed up with me. "Before I forget, that ride cost fifteen bucks." I angrily threw some money at him and gathered up my things.

      "No tip?"

      "Screw that!" I said, storming off with all my bags.  The taxi cab driver shook his head slightly before getting back into his car.

      "Bloody kids."

      I angrily adjusted the strap on my messenger bag and took a quick inspection of my luggage to make sure the taxi driver hadn't "forgotten" to give me anything back.  As the taxi pulled away, I briefly considered giving him the bird, but thought better of it. Gathering my things, I began briskly walking toward the academy.

      The real name for the school was Jasper Academy: Connecting Kids Across the Seven Seas. First of all, no one in their right mind wants to go around telling everyone they go to a school like that.  It's like a tongue twister that no one wants to attempt.  The acronym didn't really work out either; who'd have guessed that when the letters were put together they'd say JACKASS? Apparently not the founders of the school.  If you ever see a commercial or brochure for Jasper Academy, it describes itself as a "perfect environment for academically inclined students." That's basically code for "a perfect school for any parent who is tired of dealing with their child, but has enough heart to not send them to a military school against their will." Admittedly, the school was extremely well known for the number of children who go one to become doctors, lawyers and scientists. It can make any student into a scholar, for the right price. That's why (rich) parents around the globe  all try to send their sons there. You see, Jasper Academy is a private school for boys, and if I hadn't made it clear beforehand, I'm a girl.

         I reached the tall gates surrounding the school grounds and dropped my luggage to give my arms a well deserved rest.  The walk to Jasper Academy from where the taxi dropped me off was a lot farther than I thought. When I reached the gates of the school, I surveyed the grounds. The landscaping was one thing. Trees were aligned around the fence surrounding the academy, all perfectly trimmed. The grass was so healthy and green I thought maybe it was fake. In the center of it all was a big statue of who I assumed was the Headmaster. Actually, "big" isn't the right word. It was gigantic, as if to say, "I oversee this school with my godly might, and no deed shall go unwatched." I got an urge to...

The End

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