Entry 1

Andy Redwall was a detective in the NYPD when the blackout occurred. He was in the middle of working on the murder of Charlie Pierce, an old friend of his father. Andy almost had a breakthrough when the blackout happened, and even after it, he is still determined to solve the case for his father. This is just the beginning of Andy Redwall.

I walked down the alley ways of the now dark New York City. The alley was was falling apart, as no one was taking care of the city anymore. Down the alley ahead, cars stood still. I remembered what it was like before the blackout; cars would zoom through the streets with the sound of their engines and horns filling up the concrete jungle that was New York. Now, there was nothing but silence. Maybe you saw someone else once in awhile, or maybe you hear the sound of some animal rummaging through a dumpster or garbage tin. As I exited the alley, I examined my surroundings. I was where the murder of Charlie Pierce, my father's old friend, took place. I took off my badge, reading what it said out loud. "Detective Andy Redwall. I doubt this does me any good anymore..." As I finished my sentence, there was a sound behind me. I pulled my pistol from my waist, aiming towards where the sound originated from...

The End

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