Author's Beautiful NightmareMature

Dreamt of it last night June 19, 2013 after I completed writing my paranormal/spiritual story Jasmine Purple Diary... For Real !

Quite A Beautiful Nighmare

I slept last night after getting tired writing a story about demons and angels. I wasn't aware that I slept facing the wall.  Maybe I was about to lose breath, because I was too near it that lack spaces for air to enter my nose while sleeping. I was in a deep sleep that time. I guess that it felt good I was able to sleep even if it was 3 a.m.

Suddenly I started floating inside my room like smoke and I flew freely outside and I do not have any idea where I was going. I knew I was on a dream but I do not want to wake up because I found it thrilling and I was quite amazed that I saw myself like a smoke and I’m wondering which place will be my destination. I wasn’t afraid instead I find it more challenging. I got so excited and curious what will happen next. Because it actually looked real. Everything was there, to where it has been placed. Everything was there as it is, the room, the furnitures, the appliances, the people, the trees, the other houses, the dim lights, the sky, the stars, the moon, the breeze of wind and the people sleeping.

Then my smoke went inside a big unit of a high building. My body was restored into a human again. It was an urban ambiance with strangers on the scene, eating fast-food foods. They smiled at me offering me food and I think they know I love to eat but I didn’t took those foods, because I do not know them, and I don’t trust them, because I know it was a test. They started laughing, teasing, bluffing but I was still friendly even if I found everyone  and everything there in a strange way.

A muscle toned men passed by without shirts, said hi. I didn’t smiled back, I didn’t showed any kind of emotion because I know they are not real. Then an ex lover said hi again, Im glad you are here now, ive been waiting for you since you left me and chose to stay with your husband. I didn't responded.

I know they were not real and they were only deceiving my mind. They were too perfect to be real.

I prayed silently being me sincerely. I tried not to be afraid. I was speaking in my mind from the heart.  Till they showed they’re acting innocent faces with a frown, convincing me to join them and live in their world! I was being tempted because of the scene of perfection. Then I closed my eyes but they were still there, so I kept praying. Then I talked to them. Fully aware that It was unreal and I knew that I was brought into that place of temptation for a reason. They pointed their finger at my back. Then I looked… there’s slender man! Like the boogie man,  a tall man wearing black with a hood on and a face painted white, his eyes were big,  looking to me straightly, standing in front of me still I wasn’t frightened. I looked back into his eyes. He whispered in my mind to go upstairs. Then a beautiful young looking woman took my hand. She walked with me at their hallways.Then I saw a crying child, maybe on an age of 5.

Then suddenly, she disappeared and I went near the child, I carried him, I tried to play with him, but he was still crying, he asked me if I can be his mommy. But I told him that I already have a son, and he is still sleeping in our house. I knew that they were only testing me, making me see their perfect world but I know it was just a dream.  They didn’t frightened me. They looked friendly and deceiving

Then the strangers downstairs went up to check him, and see what happened to me. The boy ran towards them. They hugged him and said, “ She’s too wicked she doesn’t want to be your mommy”. The young looking woman who took me upstairs appeared again and showed me the way up to a more higher place at their house. You go up there alone, she said. You are so lucky, our master have chosen you, we were here for a long time, and I’ve been his slave for decades, still he searches for his bride.

Who are you? How did you get here?

 I do not know! I replied.

I wanted to see who’s the one she was telling me.

Me his bride?  

She said, keep on walking upstairs, till you reach the top.

Then I saw Jack in the box… was there…I find it strange.

He took my hands and I walked with him.

He smiled at me. he asked… who are you?

Why are you doing this to us? Who are you?

I'm just me, I said.

I have sinned so many times but I am trying to change

He laughed at me.

Told me… that's why I like you

You were never afraid! Do you want to become one of us?

See our world… It is perfect





Here you will never be hungry or thirsty.

There's no pain here and your lusts shall be filled..

All you have to do is accept me… accept us…

this is your fate, embrace it.

I almost grabbed the opportunity. I was weak and It was tempting, But I knew it was all a deceit. They are evil, trying to corrupt my mind. I prayed but my faith was not enough.I prayed but I feel as if nothing was happening.I prayed and almost shouted but jack in the box was laughing


Who are you? The nerve, why?  He asked while laughing

It just me… and no one else

stop intruding my mind… I am trying to be clean

He laughed… that is why I like you

You are so brave that is why you are here

You will never wake up again

You will stay here inside your nightmare


I looked at his face…as he look into my face as well. My face was mad but im totally calmed inside,Fought him with honest words. Speaking from the heart, I breathed deep…I didn’t cried. I talked to him with generosity

Stop! Are you not afraid of God?

He showed a frowning face .His eyes were getting strained while staring at me as if tears will fall from his eyes… but he was just acting

Again I breathed deeply…

Its me… and I believe in god

And god is the most powerful and almighty one..

And in him… is the real place of paradise not this world filled with fancy fantasies.

When soon you’ll all burn in hell!


He started to look afraid


I am here right now because you brought me here in your world but I am fully aware.  

I cannot be fooled again by you or your slaves.

Jack in the box turned into a devil


I wasn’t afraid. I know I was brought here for a purpose. Not to kiss your feet and become one of your puppet but to speak from my heart. I stopped talking and shut my mouth.It was silent but my heart continued to beat and told what it was really screaming for.I spoke again but my voice turned different. It was powerful…


Stop! Why are you doing this to people?

Why do you continue this world of deceit?

Why do you tamper their minds?

Why do you want to control them with lies?

People are still inside your traps...

Do not bother this one anymore…

This one has already been awaken after a life of frustrations,

impatience, too much ambitions, seduction and greed.

Live her alone… she doesn’t work for you anymore.


The demon was frightened, he hid under his box. I got awake. Thank Jesus, he helped me once again. It was fully silent, I heard nothing else but the loud sound of my beating HEART.


Quickly, I reached for my laptop and wrote it down exactly the way it was on my nightmare 

 ==== to be continued (the author's journey to the underground world after she found jasmine purple diary... the curse was left unsolved... Vivian seeks help from the one who found it)

The End

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